Sitcom is a hilarious new comedy show at Boom Chicago, hitting the stage after the Summer. It is a celebration of TV in the 90s including the commercials. An unfeasibly beautiful group of friends spend their time together and you follow their fun and adventures as the audience, just like on TV. You will know […]

Alan Bennett Double Bill

Alan Bennett double bill

The Alan Bennett double bill is yet another fantastic stage production by the QETC. It now will happen at the end of August due to a delay because of Covid. Ticket holders can still use the tickets they already hold. Bennett is a national treasure and for good reason. These two one-act plays are much […]



Lux is a summertime production by the Orange Theatre Company. It all happens in a dystopian future where light has become a currency. A world where anything is possible. A play written and directed by Sam Moris. The world is one where we live in the dark. The surface is not safe, food is free and […]

The Play Girl of the Western World

Play girl of the western world

The Play Girl of the Western World takes place on the west coast of County Mayo,  A classic Irish tale that takes place in Flaherty’s tavern.  Certainly, it was a difficult political and cultural environment of nationalist  Ireland under British control, in 1905.  The west coast was an old fashioned,  pre-industrialized, oral culture that was fast […]