Wilson’s Workouts

Wilson's Workouts

Wilson’s Workouts. Lorna Wilson is a triathlete, ultra marathon runner, personal trainer, biomechanics coach, and inspiring woman. She will train you and your body to do more than you think is possible. Having a personal trainer is motivating and it achieves results. Lorna analyses your body and technique to keep you pain and injury free. A number of different programs exist to match your needs and goals. Consult Lorna and you will achieve more that you think is possible.

Lorna is so much more than a personal trainer. For sure she will be encouraging you, making sure that you are training right and pushing you to reach your goals. Her methods also mean that you will have ever higher performance levels, achieve fat loss, have more energy and greater resistance to pain.



Wilson's workouts



During a biomechanics session, Lorna will screen your body to see how it is moving and identify areas that need work. A program will then be created. Those exercises will allow you to achieve an efficiency in movement.This will also improve your posture. 

This process will:

  • Restore tissue and skeletal balance
  • Vastly improve your mobility and strength of motion
  • The program will then enhance all these performance gains



Lorna has created 4 personal training packages that are designed to increase energy, lose weight and improve performance. The choice will also be guided on the results of your biomechanics assessment.

Wilson's Workouts training programs



Lorna runs regular fitness boot camps. These are fun and fitness orientated in 2 locations in Amsterdam. Each boot camp last for 1 hour and are a mix of strength and cardio. All levels.


Wilson's Workouts



Many athletes, marathon runners and regular runners are often wanting to beat their personal bests and avoid any injuries. These one hour sessions are designed for runners to improve performances and reach new goals.


Wilson's workouts


Contact Lorna and see how much more you can achieve.




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