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Vet Clinic Amsterdam
Vet Clinic de Wetering is a modern veterinary clinic in the city center of Amsterdam. A team of 3 vets and 7 technicians are ready for you and your pet from Monday to Saturday. Emergency consultations outside our office hours are attended by the MCD emergency clinic in Amsterdam. Fleas, ticks and worms area big issue for our pets. They reduce the health and can cause diseases. Also in humans, the parasites of our furry friends, can cause disease.
For indoor exclusive living cats with no access to places where other cats or dogs live, preventative flea and tich treatment is not necessary. The chances of getting these bugs are extremely small. For outdoor cats and dogs however, the chances are much bigger and preventative care is recommended. See more on the official page of this vet clinic de Wetering.

For all dogs and cats, the roundworm is a big issue.  Also indoor living cats can be infected, and preventative treatment 2-4 times per year is recommended. For young animals, that can be infected with milk from the mother and even in the uterus, the recommended frequency is much higher.
Current Product Promotion – This summer (untill the end of August) at Dierenkliniek De Wetering we have worm, flea and tick treatment on special offer. Worm pills is buy 3, get 1 free. For flea and tick medicine the offer is second package half price.
Also, there is an information page about Pets in The Netherlands.
Vet Amsterdam
Vet Amsterdam

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