For over 20 years now Tupkertaaltraining has been excelling in helping expats and internationals to master the Dutch language. A unique and tailored approach is at the heart of its success. The methodologies and course models are specifically designed to make the Dutch language easy to learn and driven by your progress. The teachers know that the lessons need to be fun, accessible and interesting. Marijke Tupker and her team of experienced teachers are passionate about their students achieving fluency in Dutch. At the very heart of that is great communication, so that you too will soon be communicating in Dutch.  Take a look at all the great Tupkertaaltraining courses.


Learning Dutch


Tupkertaaltraining has a set of wonderful classroom facilities in Uithoorn. You can also join in many of the courses online. That makes it very easy to join a class for people who need flexibility with their work schedules or those that want to learn Dutch before they move to the Netherlands. Just having the Dutch language on your CV will be useful, but in a general sense learning Dutch will simply improve your experience of living in this fine country. Of course, in time, learning Dutch is essential for your civic integration exams. The teachers at Tupkertaaltraining will be assessing and watching your progress in order to orientate you towards success with those exams.




The reasons to start a Tupkertaaltraining class:

  • The flexibility of the lessons. There are lots of options
  • Experienced teachers that really care about your progress
  • A proven method that is constantly pushing the boundaries
  • The latest tools so you benefit from the most modern methods
  • A stimulating environment for learning Dutch
  • Customised lessons that are really effective
  • Great communication is one of the many hallmarks of the school
  • They also offer tailor-made in company Dutch training programs used by leading international companies.


Online language learning

An article about Tupkettaaltraining will appear here soon.

A selection of student feedback after their language training at Tupkertaaltraining:

Sariga Arappat Sarangadharan

I would like to extend my heart left gratitude to the Tupkertaaltraining team, especially Marijke Tupker … I passed my civic integration exams without much effort I strongly recommend this institution. I especially loved how you always related the lessons to real-time examples that would allow the materials to make more logical sense to students. It made it so much easier to recall the material.


‎ Michelle Van Duffelen‎ 

I have successfully completed my Civic Integration Exams and have received my diploma. I would like to thank Marijke Tupker for her constant support and assistance throughout the course and examination process


‎ Harshal Naik‎ 

Dank u Marijke Tupker – U bent een fantastische docent. I passed all my exams within a month of our class. The best thing is you helped us to build our own conversations and solved all our questions and doubts quickly. I did not need to prepare. Giving the exam was just like a normal conversation especially the speaking test. Thank you. I write this with immense joy after looking at my results


Sandhya Girisha

Heel lieve docent Marijke Tupkertaaltraining. Most patient. Loved it. Thank you so much as now I can understand a lot at the stores when they speak in Nederlands.


Damon Dean

Great lessons, Marijke, thanks to you. I passed the exams the first time. Thanks for being supportive outside lessons as well.


Ritwik Khan

Marijke was my language teacher and it was a pleasure to be taught by her. She was very patient and thorough to help me understand the nuances of the Dutch language and correct my mistakes. She is a great teacher.


Jan Bouwman

Marijke is a great teacher, patient, knowledgeable and makes the learning experience fun and interactive. I prepared for the Staatsexamen NT2 ii and she tutored me on Dutch grammar and also assisted me with practical tips on how to prepare for the exams as she was previously an examiner. I have now passed all 4 exams on my first attempt and can safely say that I could not have done it without her help. Thanks, Marijke!


Hina Bhardwai

Marijke is a great mentor. She is very patient with her students and goes out of the way to help them. I took my inburgering course with her and I assure you that she has all the skills to get you fully prepared for the exams. Her tips and tricks were very handy and useful to crack the exams. I would say she is a master in her field and I would highly recommend her as a Dutch teacher


Azim Syed

Marijke is a wonderful docent (teacher), I had an opportunity to learn from her to prepare for my inburgering exam. She is focused, personable, extremely helpful and knowledgeable teacher. I would strongly recommend anyone who would like to go for clearing inburgering or even learning Dutch course. Her warmth and smile encourages you to learn more and make mistakes so that you can learn from them. I would recommend anyone from any level of Dutch to go for her training.



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