Tension Tamers

Tension Tamers

Tension Tamers is a collective of professional massage therapists with a passion for their work. Our focus is to offer you the best massage experience available. We connect through touch and help you find balance in life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. We offer deep tissue massages, relaxation massages, therapeutic massages, sports massages and pregnancy massages. But this is only a foundation. Every session is completely customized. We always tailor the session to your wishes and needs. 



All Tension Tamers massage therapists are professionally trained and experienced. Everyone has a deep tissue background. In addition, everyone has followed various additional courses and everyone has his or her own specialisations.

Every year we deepen our knowledge and understanding of the specific styles by following workshops and training to ensure that the quality of our service remains high.

You can enjoy a massage in our beautiful studio in Amsterdam. Tension Tamers also gives chair massages at a large number of corporates in the Netherlands and can regularly be found at retreats and events


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