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Tailor Made Dutch Language. Elisabeth has been teaching Dutch and giving tours for over 25 years. Now she combines these two activities so expats can be out in real life situations and speaking more Dutch.  Lessons can take place indoors or outdoors in small groups or privately. She also offers house visits in case you are not able to leave home or lessons online. The focus is mainly  on daily conversation in different social settings, such as : At the market, ordering food and drink, visiting different parts of Amsterdam and discussing that in order to achieve fluency in Dutch. Each lesson is well planned to be interesting and useful. There are language games for adults and children. So let Elisabeth assist you in doing the jump forwards you need towards fluency in Dutch.

Tailor made tours


What will you learn?

1) Fluency in daily communication in different social settings:

  • Going to the market.
  • Ordering in restaurants, shops and cafés.
  • History, architecture, culture, art, interior decoration, galleries or an other topic of your choice.

2) Writing, listening and reading through:

  • articles in papers and books
  • songs and films
  • small talk of a hobby, film or other activity of your preference.
  • grammar and vocabulary will be part of the lessons by exercises, stories and games.

These skills will influence each other and improve a fast learning of the language.

For more information and pricing, see the official page.

Tailor Made Tours

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