Taalhuis Amsterdam

Taalhuis Amsterdam language school

Taalhuis Amsterdam is a modern and friendly language school with three sites in Amsterdam. You can learn and become fluent in various languages, including Dutch, English, Italian and many more. All the team of teachers are native speakers of the languages they teach. The teachers are all united in their passion for language teaching and the seeing progress of their students towards fluency. The school is innovative, and as well as the classroom teaching hosts many valuable and fun events that aid learning. These include cultural-themed events, movie nights and museum trips in the target language. For those that need more flexibility due to work, courses are also available online. Go to the Taalhuis Amsterdam website.




Taalhuis Amsterdam is a house for languages located in 3 easy-to-reach locations in  Amsterdam. You can learn:















Taalhuis Amsterdam


All the teachers are dedicated native speakers from all corners of Europe. There is an extensive program with small class sizes. Taalhuis Amsterdam also provides translations and interpreting services and is happy to edit your article, text or thesis.



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