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Choosing the right lawyer is an important step towards getting the positive outcome you would like. For expats and internationals, this is often a hard choice. Hannya Shawky understands that as she has an international background and knows what it is like to be an expat. In Hannya’s central Amsterdam offices, she practices both litigation and mediation. Communication with her expat clients is very clear and she is fluent in both English and French. Her expertise is in family law, civil law and mediation. Hannya is well accustomed to helping her clients with all the complexities of divorce settlements, especially international ones.


Hannya Shawky


Hannya Shawky has been helping expats for many years in three very distinct areas:

Family Law

Handles all aspects relating to family law, both legal and financial.

You can rely on the personal touch as Hannya handles everything from A-Z.

Here are just some of her areas of expertise:

• Divorce clarity

• Termination of co-living

• Post split settlement

• Custody cases and shared access

• Organising visiting schedules

• Descent issues

• Adoption issues

• Inheritance Law

• Divisions of communities of property

• Settlement of marital conditions

• Settlements under a settlement clause 

• Agreeing pension entitlements


Civil Law

With vast experience and great analytical skills, Hannya can help in many areas of civil law. she can acts in this area of law for private individuals and organisations.

Civil law covers the following fields of law:

• Tenancy law

• Labour law

• Contract law



Sometimes a battle through the courts is not the best way forward for all parties concerned. Hannya has many years of experience in helping to find a solution through mediation.  In these cases she remains an impartial element, uniquely working with both parties to achieve clarity and resolution.




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