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Russell Advocaten

Russell Advocaten is your source for comprehensive legal assistance. We are an internationally orientated law firm with many years of experience with the expat community and their varied needs. We cover many areas of the law and can help you with employment law, business law, real estate law and many more you can see here. If you need more information, simply call the Russell Advocaten team and we will look at what your needs are. We work in English, German and Dutch so that you can clearly understand.

Russell Advocaten


Above all, at Russell Advocaten the main areas of expertise are useful for the expat community. Moreover, we understand the news of expats through many years of working with the community. We have had handled every imaginable situation over the years and yours will be no different. We love to work through any complexity in order to get you the outcome you desire in a framework that is sensible and practical. Our experienced team is dynamic and friendly and looks forward to helping you with your needs.

In this section, here is a handy overview of our services:

  • Setting up a business/business structure
  • Employment law, employment contacts / HR
  • Employee participation (WoCo)
  • Non-competition clause
  • Non-solicitation clause
  • Settlement agreement
  • Job loss/Dismissal/Stay
  • Corporate immigration
  • Buying and selling real estate in order to provide you with clarity instead of dispute.

In addition, get more great information about the field of law you need to know about on the Russell Advocaten Amsterdam site.

Finally, see more about on our Working in The Netherlands information page.

That is an overview page for all things related to work, contracts and making sense of the different options. 

Please reach out to us on the phone or by email and we will go through your needs with you and assess how we can help.

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