Regina Coeli Language School

Regina Coeli Language School

Regina Coeli Language School – Immerse yourself! This school for languages teaches the languages of the world under one roof. Their intensive Dutch courses will give you an excellent base to build upon. Further courses will help you master the Dutch language. The centre is famous for its methods of intense learning that will have you jumping forward in your progress and saving valuable time. Discover the Regina Coeli facilities and methods here. The centre has been reorganised to be as safe as possible during these times.

Take your Dutch to the next level with the proven Regina Coeli language school method. You can only get so far in your career in The Netherlands by only having English. Learning Dutch will improve your experience of living here in so many ways. You will gain confidence and make more Dutch friends. At work too, learning Dutch can massively improve your career prospects and opportunities. 



Also, at Regina Coeli many other language courses are available, such as:


You, too, can now take a relaxed and safe language course at Regina Coeli. Read more about it in our COVID protocol.


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