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Palmyra Bakker

Palmyra Bakker Loss Counselling – Change happens all the time, and Palmyra has worked in managing change for her whole career. She deeply understands the notion of change and helps people manage their way through changes. This is especially true regarding the loss of loved ones and the grief of such massive changes. Palmyra has much experience from working with hospices and is an experienced bereavement counsellor. Talking through your feelings and issues can only be a good thing. A kind voice and a good ear can change everything, and she can help you to find a clear path forwards. As well as a person-centred approach, Palmyra uses a range of other mind and body techniques. These include colour puncture, breathing techniques, meditation and yoga movements. Read more about Palmyra and her work.


Here are some of the questions Palmyra believes we can all ask ourselves:

  • Are you grieving and feeling that you can’t move on?
  • Are physical or mental issues making you feel stressed?
  • Do you or others avoid talking about loss?
  • Are you feeling alone with your grief?
  • Do you find daily life and simple tasks more complex than they used to be?
  • Have hit a brick wall? 
  • Do you feel regularly overwhelmed by emotions that you can’t manage?
  • Is anxiety an issue for you? Are you struggling with your feelings?




Experience the following changes:

  • You will feel less overwhelmed.
  • More peace of mind.
  • You will begin to make sense of your loss. 
  • As you take steps to integrate your loss, you will feel you are making progress.


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Palmyra also writes several excellent articles on the subject of loss, grief and bereavement. You can see them in her Blogs section on her website.

Get in touch with Palmyra to begin the process toward resolution. She has intake sessions where you can meet and get to know each other. Once she understands your issues and needs, the healing process can begin.

Palmyra Bakker Loss Counselling is there to help you get back on track.

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