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Laura gallagher

Laura Gallagher Therapy is your key to finding a clear path forward during one of life’s many crossroads. Laura is an experienced counsellor and life coach based in Amsterdam. Over the years, she has helped many expats and international students to get back on track and move forwards with renewed positivity. Living in a different country always presents specific stresses and strains that can always be addressed by talking with someone with a keen ear and a kind voice. Laura has helped lots of people suffering from anxiety, confusion, general unhappiness, or just stuck in a rut and in need of direction. Laura can help you in many areas, in person or over the internet. Read on to learn more about how Laura Gallagher Therapy can help you.


Laura Gallagher Therapy

Laura is British and has lived in Amsterdam for many years. She has been working with the local expat community for many years and deeply understands the issues people face when living in The Netherlands. Laura will work closely with you to understand your emotions and behaviour and establish new patterns to improve your outcomes. The goal is to improve your life.



Everyone is different and with unique needs and situations. Laura will work on tailored analysis and advice for your individual situation. You are at the very heart of the process and it always advances at the pace that suits you best. Guidance and support are all geared towards the outcomes you expressly want to achieve in your life.


Life Coaching

Life is often full of surprising and unexpected crossroads none of us had planned for. Did you know that even the most in control and high-functioning CEOs also use regular coaching sessions? Sometimes we all need grounding. Other times we all need vision and clarity to find the correct path forwards. Perhaps your career is flying, but you have trouble fulfilling other life goals, such as getting fit or having a stable family situation. Whatever it might be, talking with Laura will help you to establish a path that leads towards the place you want to be and the things you would like to achieve in your life.


Couples Therapy

Being in a couple or marriage is often set with its own challenges and requires work from both people. Talking through issues with a guide and counsellor can improve communication and lead to a better situation for everyone, especially when there are children in the home situation. Make improvements by working through the difficulties and using expert guidance of Laura Gallagher Therapy



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