Kei Kung Fu School

Kei Kung Fu School

Kei Kung Fu School is a brand new school right in the heart of Amsterdam. A beautiful centre, just a one minute walk from the Leidseplein. You will learn how to defend yourself with confidence. But not only that. Kung Fu will help to condition your body and mind. It is an all over work out for all your muscle groups. You will also achieve greater levels of concentration, relaxation and peaceful meditation. At Kei Kung Fu Amsterdam, lessons are in English  and for kids, juniors and adults. Kung Fu is for all ages and all shapes and sizes. A martial art can improve your life in many ways. Also, here is an article about the benefits of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu martial art

For Adults : All levels are welcome from absolute beginners to adults. 

With Wing Chun you learn techniques from a relaxed state, so you are not dependent on muscle strength. At KEI you not only learn to move consciously but also to stand still consciously. Conscious peaceful states ensure better performance and more balance.

Of course you develop self-defense techniques in addition to balance. Do you want to become stronger, in better condition or lose weight? Together we work on your personal goals. A martial art can help with all the above.


kids kung fu


For children too : New skills and disciplines.

At KEI Kung Fu, children develop self-confidence, self-defense and focus. Classes are divided by age and skill into : Monkeys, Cranes and Tigers.

Playfulness and fun are central to our children’s lessons. Together with their peers, they discover new skills through sport and play that are appropriate to the physical, emotional and social developments of this phase of life.

At KEI Kung Fu school our Wing Chun lessons are not only dedicated to this age-old self-defense art. Our lessons also help children consciously or unconsciously with self-control, focus and discipline. Skills that are not only important in Kung Fu, but also in daily life.

See the Kei Kung Fu website for more details


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