IJsterk Childcare Amsterdam

IJsterk Childcare Amsterdam is a human-scale set of fabulous childcare centres around the city. The teams work hard to make every child’s experience the best possible for their development. Also, excellent communication with all the parents is at the heart of everything we do. Each of the IJsterk centres (see More Details) has a manager who oversees every aspect of the operation, including liaising with the parents. This leads to faster exchanges between the parents and the teams. All of the centres are bright, modern and safe, so the kids love them. The aim is that each and every child develops every day to their full potential. Here is a handy map to see all 9 locations in Amsterdam.

IJsterk Childcare Amsterdam


Childcare Policies

All the IJsterk Childcare Amsterdam centres work hard to fulfil common main goals, including:

  • A pedagogical vision where the central goal is the well being and the development of each child.
  • As the child grows and develops in IJsterk we share this with the parents with great communication.
  • We have a Pedagogical Policy that defines the vision and mission of all the IJsterk staff, which drives us all.

IJsterk Childcare Amsterdam


In addition, here is a helpful overview of the 9 IJsterk locations in the city, so you can find one near you.

Daycare and Pre-School

IJsterk has four daycares with Pre-school for toddlers, Daycare de Kraai, Prinses Irene, Westerdok and Plancius. Preschool educates children in development (language, early math skills, social-emotional development and motor skills). 

Preschool starts when the child is 2 years old. It is really part of the daily program in the daycare centres. Three daycares, de Kraai, Prinses Irene and Westerdok, follow the preschool method ‘Kaleidoscoop’. This is based on the American High Scope education. The other daycare, Plancius, follows the methodology‘ Piramide’; this is a program for toddlers and preschoolers with language disadvantages. Both approaches focus on the playful way of educating.

Furthermore, at each nursery, there are pedagogical workers who have followed the baby specialist course. This course has been developed to allow employees to gain more knowledge about the well-being and development of babies.


IJsterk Kindergarden

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