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Hestia Childcare is a set of modern and welcoming centres for children aged 0-12, that are located in and around Amsterdam. We use our own unique philosophy and approach: The Hestia Way. This approach is inspired by and built on various methods, philosophies and concepts. Our first inspiration was and is Reggio Emilia, an approach created by Loris Malaguzzi. The main essence of Reggio is that children are rich and competent from birth. They have 100 languages to express themselves. Our goal is to expand the possibilities for children to explore and discover, to create conditions in which they can learn and to help the child become the best version of itself! 


Child playing outdoors


Dutch and English languages all day long

The Hestia childcare centres are bilingual, children hear Dutch and English all day. Our highly experienced teachers are from a variety of countries and so are our customers: from Japan to Peru and from Poland to The Netherlands. This diversity is also reflected in our daily activities and the hot meals that are served to the children. At Hestia childcare we celebrate holidays from different cultures and invite parents to share their stories and customs. All centres have a natural outdoor space, where children can safely play and explore. They go outside come rain or shine.  


Hestia Childcare Kids at the Rijksmuseum


The Hestia Way

The Hestia Way is famous and people from all over the world visit our locations for inspiration. If you are looking for a warm and homely spot for your child, you are welcome to arrange a tour of one of the locations. Our staff at Hestia childcare will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you have. See more directly on the Hestia website


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Hestia childcare has three lovely and modern centres, so they are easy to reach. One in Amsterdam. Another in Noord and one more in Amstelveen. Please feel free to contact us to organise a visit. We would love to meed you and your children.


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In addition, a  blog post about Hestia will appear here soon.

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