The Expat Builder Amsterdam

the Expat Builder Amsterdam

Dev Fulscher is a builder and has completed a range of building work for expats in the Amsterdam area since 1994. A vast experience of projects successfully completed. These include plumbing, electrical, heating systems, windows, kitchens, bathrooms and much more. Great communication from start to finish. Get in contact if you have a building project in the Amsterdam area. Then we can look together about how best to make it happen.

A full refit and refurbishment might seem like a huge project. It’s just what Dev and the team love to do. They will plan with you exactly what you want and then bring the project in on time and on budget. You will not have to worry about organising all the workmen. Dev does it all for you. From the planning to getting everything perfect. Most of Dev’s projects come from referrals. Because of that, he makes sure all his clients are more than happy using his services. So give Dev a call on 06 54 92 03 86 and let him show you what is possible.


Expat builder Amsterdam

The Expat Builder

The Expat Builder