Energenic is a modern and wonderful personal training studio and physiotherapy centre handily located near Amsterdam West and the Jordaan. Energenic has a unique approach to every one of its members. Every person is unique and therefore every program is tailor-made for every person. Each program is fully customised to the member’s needs and goals and that includes a nutrition plan too as your food plan is so important! You will be guided by experienced trainers and physiotherapists. You are at the centre of everything and moving you towards the goal and the results are all taken care of by the team. Furthermore, you will be coached on how to improve everything step by step including your sleep, your work-life balance, breathing and managing stress. So make contact and take the first step towards the new you.


Energenic workout


Another unique feature of the programme is that Energenic uses health data (such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level and HRV). This helps to better monitor your health and the effect of your lifestyle. Furthermore, the physiotherapists test your muscle function to ensure that we can train safely and effectively. This is how we can max out on the effectiveness of your training.


Energenic lady exercise


  • Tailor-made programme for you
  • Experienced and high-quality team to help you get results
  • Bodyreset treatment/ physiotherapy
  • High-quality training and coaching
  • Friendly and welcoming environment
  • Newest training methods and the very latest equipment
  • See more on the energenic website



Clear goals



Article about energenic will appear here soon.

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