Energenic Physiotherapy


Energenic physiotherapy is a modern and wonderful practice and physical training studio handily located near Amsterdam West and the Jordaan. Energenic has a unique approach to every one of its members and their needs. Their treatment, the Bodyreset, is a complete treatment plan for injuries and painful muscles, tendons and joints. The treatment comes in three stages: the Reset phase, the Activation phase and the Training phase. Together they present a definitive solution of your injuries and lead to a pain-free pathway. The Energenic physiotherapists are registered in the quality register of the professional group of physiotherapists and meet all the requirements. All physiotherapists follow both internal and external courses and training in order to expand their knowledge and skills. Read more about Body Reset.


Energenic physiotherapy


  • A complete treatment plan
  • A combination of the most effective methods
  • Get rid of your injury or pain in 3 phases
  • Works on the cause and not on the symptom
  • Friendly and welcoming environment
  • Professional physiotherapists


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Article about Energenic Physiotherapy will appear here soon.

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