Els M Bosma

Els M Bosma

Els M Bosma – a unique coaching program to help you and to achieve greatness in your career. Els will guide you forward so you can achieve new heights. Els ensures that you can finally shake off the painful patterns within as little as 4 weeks. In one month time you can just be busy with life again, with your environment, with your family, with your friends, with your work and colleagues. Without being held back by overwhelming feelings, bad habits and limiting thoughts. where you are helped to break your old  habits, so that you can get your life back on track. And we do this by using the Rapid Transformational Therapy method. See more about Els M Bosma on her great website.

Els will help you to get back on track and to feel in control.

Are you :

  • Is your career stuck in a rut?
  • In need of guidance?
  • Locked in patterns of action?
  • Do you feel you could be achieving more, but are held back?
  • Is your career where it deserves to be?


Cloudbusting Therapy


Here is an article we wrote with Els during Covid.

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