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A dog can be a cherished friend and companion. Great communication, understanding and respect are so important. It is also important for us humans to understand dog communication skills. We just don’t speak DOG. It’s not all about getting the dog to understand us. Dogs n Doodle’s Canine Instructor is Camilia Dallali. She teaches Amsterdam expats how to communicate the right way in a positive manner. In other words, learning to speak DOG. Speak DOG is fun for both the owner and the dog. From the first lesson, you will feel progress.  You will really learn how amazingly clever your dog is as they pick up training skills. See the Dogs N Doodle website for more information.


Dog Training Expert

At Dogs N Doodle, we believe in force-free, reward-based training. This means zero aversive training methods and pack leader nonsense. Snack based rewards are the way to their heart and mind.

We believe in building a strong, loving connection with your dog so you can lead them in life. Being a consistent dog parent who speaks DOG is what our training is all about.!

The location of training is chosen to suit you whenever possible.

Many different training packages are available and there is a package for all budgets.


Dogs n doodle

Dog training

A dog in training


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