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Dan Colgan is a British therapist working in Amsterdam. Furthermore, Dan has a background in business, marketing and coaching, and combines this with his depth training in Core Process psychotherapy.  Core Process is a western therapeutic approach that has roots in Buddhism. From a theoretical standpoint, this means that it integrates the western, scientific, approach to psychotherapy, with ancient Buddhist wisdom on how to achieve a happier life.  This means living more in harmony with yourself and others.  Healing happens through awareness.  Creating awareness comes by building self-understanding, self-compassion, and learning to listen to the signals already coming from our body and emotions. The therapeutic relationship provides a safe space where even the most difficult and troubling parts of you are welcome.

Dan is licensed in the UK with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.  Also with Vereniging van Integraal Therapeuten in the Netherlands.

Also, see more information directly on the Dan Colgan website.

Here are just some of the main reasons people decide to seek help through therapy:

  • Feelings of depression

  • Stress at work or burnout.

  • Relationship issues and difficulties

  • Moving abrad

  • Anxiety

  • Professional and job issues

  • A general feeling of being stuck in a rut

Therapy can also be part of a process of better awareness and understanding yourself more. It can help you to be more joyful and unlock your true potential. It can be useful in these important areas:

  • Releasing your creativity and drive

  • Identifying things that hold you back

  • Managing your energy 

  • Increasing your positivity

  • Reconnecting you with a sense of meaning and purpose

  • Helping you make a big decision


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