Counseling Amsterdam

Counseling Amsterdam

Louis and Jeannette combine the best practices of Psychology and Psychomotor Therapy (PMT), into personalised road maps. They do this for both couple therapy and individual trajectories. You will find support both physically and mentally and find balance in your life. Not just like any other “mind-body approach! This unique approach is Motophrenic. At Counseling Amsterdam you can of course also choose a separate treatment (body or mind). You will always be invited for a free introduction in order to explore more about what they really can do for ‘you’.

Jeannette and Louis work on a mind and body combination solution and you can see more about that on the Counseling Amsterdam website.


Counseling Amsterdam Jeannette and Louis


Meet Jeannette Bolck

Jeannette Bolck is a certified NIP psychologist for 20 years, the founder of the private practice Counseling Amsterdam. She is also a former Aussie expat, and inventor of Two Minute Therapy.  Jeannette creates a safe and ‘at home’ environment.  Here you feel the space to unravel things about yourself and find tools to help yourself.  With Jeannette, you’ll uncover and explore root causes.

Together you’ll openly talk about impactful relationships and challenging work-life balance. Also about health and laying a healthy foundation that you can build on. 

Couples are meeting each other again by really feeling what connecting on all levels actually is. Empathy and vulnerability are important themes and values discussed with Jeannette.



Most sessions are in the cosy practice at the Singel in the centre of Amsterdam.


Meet Louis Wijdenbosch 

Louis Wijdenbosch is a BIG registered physical therapist, former top judoka, sports professor, and Olympic coach. He travelled the world which also created his affinity to work with different people from all around the globe.

With all his knowledge and experience and his interest in the brain-body connection, he developed  Brain-Body Training (BBT) personally shaped and formed for all types of people.

Louis will take you outside in the nature of the Amsterdam parks where his down-to-earth exercises will bring out your inner strength (martial arts to meditation to out-of-the-box fun stuff..), in a light-hearted way.

Louis offers support with the physical challenges of burnout and trauma (physical or mental).  He also helps with relationship stress, panic attacks and much more.

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Louis and Jeannette can see you in a wholesome way by combining forces in their integrated approach or you can choose for either the body or the mind approach separately. All good, whatever feels right is right!


Counseling Amsterdam Louis


Physical therapy

An article about Counseling Amsterdam will appear in our Amsterdam articles section soon.

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