CoreFit by Kristina

Corefit by Kristina

CoreFit by Kristina is your way to achieve your personal and fitness goals and improve your mental well being. Using a professional fitness expert is your way to see the results you want to reach. CoreFit training with Kristina is a full-body workout. It strengthens all your muscle groups and is a great way to reduce fat. This will lead to a better overall body tone. Kristina is also aware of all the mental health benefits that come with a better fitness regime. She incorporates these techniques into the training so you feel a body and mind benefit. Look and feel better with this body and mind workout.


Corefit with Kristina
Kristna knows that fitness gains matched with improving mental strength lead to a better overall result. This last year has put an enormous strain on everyone. As well as fitness gains, three areas where Kristina can help you to overcome stressful life transitions are: Divorce/Separation, stresses from lockdown and general life difficulties that go with the expat lifestyle.
Corefit with Kristina

Kristina also focusses on these elements:

  • Crossfit background of over 10 years inspired her to help others along their fitness journey
  • Specialised in Core and Stability through resistance training
  • She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Helping people feel strong & confident through custom fitness programs, nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Fitness is not only in a gym setting – Kristina will show you how to get fitness into your lifestyle.
  • She works with people going through stressful life disruptions, which can knock us off our daily routine – “I work with mums going through a divorce to regain a sense of self as they navigate their way through an unknown world of divorce”


Core fit by Kristina


Kristina also is the founder and driving force behind this great initiative: The Breakup Boot Camp. Getting ladies together to work out and get over their breakups. It’s a tough emotional time, so let Kristina and the group motivate you and help you grow your courage and self-worth! Join the group here.

The break up boot camp

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