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Cloudless Chiropractic is a boutique chiropractic practice on the East side of central Amsterdam. Andrew Harvey is an experienced health professional who provides safe, gentle and effective care for dysfunctions of the spine and body. Andrew can help to restore greater balance in your state of health by addressing dysfunction of the spine and nervous system. Andrew explains, “We experience and regulate everything through our nervous system. The health of the spine directly impacts the function of the nervous system and brain. This is the vital connection between body and brain that we work to optimise.” Read on to learn more about Cloudless Chiropractic.



Chiropractic can help with a range of limiting complaints such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and stress-related complaints. Next to perhaps the more commonly associated complaints, Cloudless Chiropractic also offers specialised treatments supporting a healthy pregnancy, babies and children.

Chiropractic in pregnancy can support natural birth, free of medical intervention and drugs. The vital beginnings of babies nervous system are forming whilst it is in the womb; therefore, a healthy pregnancy directly impacts infant health and brain development. Clients experience excellent outcomes with breech position and back and pelvic pain.  For little clients, it can help with colic, cramps, tongue tie-related issues, and neck and skull plate dysfunctions (flat skull plates). 

Andrew will assess your issues and seek to correct any structural faults of the spine that create interference with your brain and nervous system. The result allows you to function in your life with fewer limitations and do things most important to you with greater ease. Read on to learn more about Cloudless Chiropractic.



Andrew Harvey (Chiropractor)


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About Andrew – he is a highly experienced chiropractor with 16 years of experience working in both Australia and The Netherlands. For the last nearly 10 years, he has been helping expats in Amsterdam with limiting complaints and supporting better performance in work and movement.  In the past, his own serious neck injury from a surfing accident was greatly helped with care from a chiropractor.  His first-hand experience of how a healthy nervous system can better regulate the function of the body, not only to heal from an injury but thrive in optimal performance, inspired his own interest in the field to complete a chiropractic degree. Andrew has since gone on to win national and European championships in water sports. Further studies and extensive clinical experience led to the creation of Cloudless Chiropractic in 2015.

“Balance in all things in life makes sense to me.” Andrew 

Andrew enjoys living in Amsterdam with his partner Laura and their young family.


Anfdrew Harvey Chiropractor



Laura Harvey Canté

At Cloudless Chiropractic, you will also meet Andrew’s partner Laura. Laura is Dutch, and like Andrew, she is also passionate about the impact chiropractic can have on people’s quality of life. She sees clients’ state of health restored from being limited, stressed and unwell to being in better balance. “Clients are literarily happier and healthier when their nervous system and spine are in good function. It’s nice to see that shift in people’s state of wellbeing.”Together with their chiropractic assistant Pascalle, Laura handles all matters relating to the client, communication, marketing and the front desk of Cloudless Chiropractic.


Cloudless team
Laura, Andrew and Pascale



You can see more about Andrew and Laura on the Cloudless Chiropractic website.

There you will find more great information about the team.

An article about Andrew and how he helps expats in the Amsterdam area will appear here soon. 


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