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BUNQ online bank for expats

bunq mobile banking is a revolution. It is so easy to manage all your banking from your phone. bunq have made banking simple, secure and user friendly. See in an instant what you have in your account and where you spent your money.

You can have physical and online bank cards. Set up a saving account in an instant and achieve your goals with easy to follow visuals. 

Bunq mobile banking = no more statements in the post. It is all there on your mobile and the data is protected. You money is also insured by the Dutch Central Bank. The app takes a couple of minutes to set up and is available in 6 languages. The perfect choice for expats and internationals living in The Netherlands. Try it all  by going here.


If you want less fuss and more freedom, then bunq is for you. See where your money is and where is it going. Pay for online purchases in an instant. Use buns cards in shops as you do with your other cards.  Achieve your saving goals.

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Keep an eye on your money and benefit from huge interest rates on your money too !

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