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Big Ben Kids Amstelveen Stadshart is an international daycare for children aged 0 to 4 from international families. At Big Ben kids, everything we do is centred around the growth and happiness of your child. In small groups, we nurture and encourage learning through play, foster magical friendships and offer stimulating activities. Our international team settle children into a stable and loving community environment. This supports all cultures, where they have the freedom to be themselves. We help children to explore, discover and develop by giving them beneficial opportunities to grow and learn while discovering their own talents along the way. Learning isn’t the only essential factor in the care we provide. Nutrition, movement and stimulation are key to keeping children healthy and confident. Your child is in safe and capable hands with our team of qualified childcare practitioners. Quality care is how we add value to all the lives we touch. See the Big Ben Kids website for more details


Big Ben Kids has many benefits including:

  • Inclusive and open-minded
  • International team
  • We support parents (international community)
  • Healthy meals, so the children always eat well
  • Quality above all else


Amstelveen Stadshart:


Manager: Shereen Kollmann
Phone: +31 (0)20 3459713
Address: Pieter Lastmanweg 7, 1181 XG Amstelveen



Excellent childcare


Our Amstelveen location is situated in the city centre (Stadshart and Fideliolaan – See Below) with ample paid parking in the immediate vicinity. Our staff in Amstelveen are a diverse community of international, highly qualified childcare practitioners with an excellent understanding of what intercultural children need to develop in the best possible way. We focus on developing self-esteem and activities to stimulate growth in preparation for school. Dutch is the official language at Big Ben Kids Amstelveen and we also offer English language activities. Since most parents and staff are international, we understand and encourage a multi-cultural mind-set.

In addition to healthy meals, clear and concise communication and excellent value for money, our location offers many activities to support busy parents. They include physical, musical and outdoor pursuits to help develop sensory and motor skills. Increased self-confidence prepares young minds for new possibilities and to face the challenges of today. Dance lessons, gymnastics, piano lessons, pre-school drama and reading skills are just some of the interesting options.

All new 2021

A full refurbishment in 2021 will see the location transformed with a fresh and contemporary child-friendly interior and roof-top garden, providing a higher standard of facilities for children, teachers and parents to enjoy.

Big Ben


We have the following groups:

  • Babies, 0 to 20 months
  • Juniors, 16 to 35 months
  • Pre-schoolers, 31 to 48 months

At Big Ben Kids, we aim to make the most of developing and expanding young minds in the crucial early years of childhood. Along with the physical care we provide, the age-appropriate activities we design are inventive and adventurous which will give your child opportunities to grow and flourish.

Our objective is to partner with parents to create an environment in which children can thrive in all areas of their development. Exchanging valuable information is key to ensuring a smooth extension and transition from home to care and vice versa. That’s why we make time at the beginning and end of the day to stay informed. Through our mentor programme, your child actively receives emotional security and develops personal and social competencies.

Parents consciously choose Big Ben Kids because their children enjoy the best care on a daily basis, have healthy meals and the whole family is integrated into our community. We understand and have experience in the challenges faced by international families and offer a real home from home.

The Parents

The relationships we have with the parents in our community is of utmost importance to us. We collaborate on a number of issues such as class sizes, nutrition and education policy. Our location manager and Parent Committee members (PC) meet regularly to discuss and refine daily practices or to review changes in legislation or standards. The interaction is a vital part of sustaining the quality of our organisation.

An important aspect of the care we provide to the youngest members of our community is familiarity, which is why we make sure they see the same faces every day. Our childcare practitioners are assigned to work with the same groups as far as possible. This gives your child the comfort they need to fully enjoy learning while playing and a familiar setting to make friends and have fun.

This also extends to the members of their group. Although each child is different it’s important to be with others of the same age. By grouping similarly aged children together, we have a far better opportunity to provide activities, toys and games that stimulate every child in the group. Being at the same development stage also means better emotional interaction between children. The range of activities we provide facilitates exploration and discovery of talents and interests at a pace that suits everyone. 


Childcare Amstelveen


Ben Ben Amstelveen


NEW in 2022: Fideliolaan centre open!

Manager: Lisa van der Post
Phone: +31 (0)20 441 1223
Address: Fideliolaan 316, 1183 PX Amstelveen

An article about this childcare centre will appear in our Amsterdam blog articles soon.


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