bbb Health Boutique

bbb health boutique

bbb Health Boutique in the heart of the Jordaan is a haven of peace and wellness. Personal attention and guidance and the hallmarks of the bbb approach to its members. The name bbb represents beauty, body and balance. The approach is an integrated one towards improving the three pillars of body, food and mind. bbb is a boutique fitness centre only for women, where exercise takes place in heated cabins. A professional coach leads the classes to ensure all movements are correctly undertaken. You will feel lots of motivation towards achieving your goals.

Furthermore, great coaching and advice for nutrition will help you eat your towards your goals too. Thirdly, a comfortable environment will help you to achieve a healthy mindset. There are small group classes too for yoga, pilates and HIIT. Also, there are workouts for expectant mothers, ladies in menopause, those looking to lose weight and many other reasons to look and feel great. There is also a bbb location at Amsterdam Amstel.

Advantages of the bbb Method:

  • No warm-ups needed
  • Very cleansing as the heat causes perspiration
  • As all is done lying down there is no risk of injury
  • The warmth stimulates fat burning. 
  • The methods help your blood circulation
  • A 30-minute workout is sufficient, so you save time
  • The total experience is a very calming one
  • A coach is always available
  • Your goals are monitored so they become reality.

The background of bbb 

bbb Health Boutique was founded back in 2008 by sisters Inge and Esther along with their friend Alain. There are now 9 bbb locations across the Netherlands. The methods, professional teams and overall appeal of bbb are growing more popular with women all the time. Helping women to lead healthier and happier lifestyles all the time.


bbb founders


The Classes

bbb is also about the feminine muscle groups: stomach (belly), bottom and legs. At bbb, three areas are targets for exercise in a beautiful way. One of the most popular classes is the bbb 30 in which the emphasis is on: belly, bottom and legs. See the class schedule and book a free trial lesson here.


hot cabin class

bbb health boutique

Classes for mums and expectant mums

bbb classes are for all types of women including mums and mums to be.

mum working out

pregnant mum workout

An article about bbb will appear here soon.

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