Amsterdam Jewel Cruises

Amsterdam Jewel Cruises

Amsterdam Jewel Cruises – A fabulous way to experience Amsterdam and create the most wonderful memories. Our beautiful boat from the early 1900s will glide you around the Amsterdam canals. During the cruise, you will be served a fabulous dinner. Cruise in style and comfort. A perfect way for friends and family to enjoy the beauty of the canals.  A cruise on the Amsterdam canals is always a great experience. Make it magical and memorable with an incredible dinner. For more information and times visit the website here.

Jewel cruises Amsterdam


Making great memories.

The unique beauty of the Amsterdam canals. Visitors to Amsterdam love to take a canal cruise every year in their millions.  At Amsterdam Jewel Cruises, we want to make your canal cruise one of the best memories of your time in Amsterdam. Not only will you be on the most beautiful boat in Amsterdam, but you will also be served a fabulous dinner and drinks.

Jewel Cruise Dinner Amsterdam


The Amsterdam Jewel Cruises

The boat is antique and beautiful. We only have 8 dining tables, so you will never feel crowded. It is perfect for couples and small groups. The cruise lasts just under three hours, so you will feel unrushed as we sail you around with ease. It will be our pleasure to serve you dinner and drinks while you enjoy the great views. Light background music will also add a special element to your evening.

Jewel Boat Cuise



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