Amstelland International Primary School

Amstelland International School

The Amstelland International Primary School, providing education that inspires creative thinking, encouraging children to become curious and take ownership of their learning. Firstly, Amstelland is a relatively new school in the Amsterdam area, but founded and led by a team with a huge experience in the sector. Amstelland International School is a member of the Dutch International Schools Group and gets subsidies from the government and teach the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). In addition, there is also a ‘Taalschool’ specifically for teaching children Dutch in order to assimilate them faster into the Dutch educational system. We cater for 141 children from all nationalities and diversity is one of our strengths. Moreover, the school cultivates a compassionate and inspiring atmosphere for all children, teachers and parents. The new school guide is now out!

Exciting news for Amstelland School!

Amstelland International Primary School is teaming up with another local school to create an International Crossover Class (ICC).  Amstelland had partnered with Hermann Wesselink College.  This adds a dual language stream to the school that is the equivalent of a year 8 class. This means that the pupils leaving Amstelland can join this class and benefit from lots of Dutch lessons. For instance, this will help them assimilate even more into the Dutch school system. Above all, this will help to smooth their passage through school. The ICC started in August 2021 and registrations are already taking place. It is also for children aged 11 or 12 who have just arrived in The Netherlands. It is the perfect solution to allow them a logical entry point to the school system.

New ICC Class

This fabulous new opportunity has been created by Jacquelene Da Silva and Bert Kozijn, the director of the Hermann Wesselink College. Furthermore, we will soon release an interview with both of them to look more at this new class. And keep an eye on the new Blogs and News page.

Bert Kozijn Hermann Wesselink College
Bert Kozijn


Here is a wonderful blog article with the school director, Jacquelene Da Silva






The whole team is united in the goal of creating the best learning environment for the children. The IPS system is designed to engage children of all abilities in a creative way. The school welcomes children from all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, so everyone feels right at home. The school is growing fast as news spreads between parents in the area.

Amstelland International Primary School


School hours at Amstelland International School

Monday – Friday

School starts at 8:45

School ends at 14:30




Amstelland school

MORE NEWS! Art expo after the holidays 28 February 2022 – 11 March 2022
All the art has been created by the students in line with the concept; “Everything changes over time”. The children have explored how art has changed over time relevant to a specific country. All eight classes have inquired into a different country.



Address:  Asserring 93, 1187 SM Amstelveen

+31 (0)20 820 90 91

School Website.

NEW: Do a Virtual school tour!


Jacquelene da Silva
Amstelland International School Director Jacquelene Da Silva

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