020 Tuinen Gardeners Amsterdam

020 Tuinen gardeners Amsterdam

020 Tuinen gardeners Amsterdam – Gardening and landscaping company in Ijburg. We design , create and maintain all kids of gardens, including roof terraces. Also we do tree trimming and felling. We have undertake many hundreds of garden project and transformations. Whatever your project and needs, we are happy to talk with you about that. Please contact 020 Tuinen Gardeners Amsterdam for a non-committal offer on our site.


A beautiful garden starts with a good design, in which your wishes and the possibilities of your garden are matched. This makes every garden design unique. We make all our garden designs in 3D, so that you get a good idea of ​​the end result. It is also useful to make a design for smaller (city) gardens. By making use of certain effects and materials, your garden can appear much larger.

020 Gardeners Amsterdam


We will first visit you for a no-obligation introductory meeting. During this conversation we map out your wishes and look at the possibilities of your garden. We measure the garden, look at soil type, location, environment and inventory any materials and plants that may be present.

Then we will get started for you. We first make a sketch design and after your approval we proceed to the final design. We deliver the final design with a size plan and possibly a planting plan. With all our designs we can immediately offer a no-obligation quote for the execution.

020 Tuinen not only designs for private individuals and companies, but also for gardeners who do not have a design department. Ask for our special prices.

020 Gardeners Amsterdam


You have come to the right place for the construction of your garden at 020 Gardens. Do you want to have your entire garden laid out (again), make a small change or have repairs carried out. We are happy to do it for you.

Pavements, fences, ponds, platforms, pergolas, garden sheds, lighting, planting, irrigation or (artificial) grass. We master all aspects of the profession! A large garden, a city garden, a roof garden or even a vertical garden, we perform everything with the utmost care for you.

We first make an appointment with you on the spot. We discuss your wishes and options with you.

020 Tuinen Gardeners Amsterdam will send a  clear, specified, job-specific quotation, divided into parts, so that you get a good understanding of the various costs. You can also choose to implement the construction in phases.

The first appointment and making the quotation are entirely without obligation.

Once the construction of your garden has been completed, we will return to you after 3 to 6 months for 1 free maintenance.

020 Gardeners Amsterdam

Roof terraces

Not every house has a garden or balcony, but many houses have the option of constructing a roof terrace. There are two types of roof gardens: intensive and extensive roof gardens.

Intensive roof gardens

An intensive roof garden is used relatively frequently and is comparable to a normal garden, both in construction, use and maintenance. Intensive roof gardens are relatively heavy and the roof must be able to bear this weight. But if the roof construction can support the weight, much is possible. 

You need an environmental permit for the construction of an intensive roof garden. For renewing or redesigning. You do not need a permit for sustainability in an existing roof garden.


cutting trees

Roof gardens

Extensive roof gardens are hardly used at all. This includes sedum, grasses and low perennials. An extensive roof garden is almost entirely self-sufficient and light in weight. A sedum roof is insulating, energy-saving and increases the value of your home. You can also have it installed on the roof of a garage, shed or attached sedum. Extensive roof gardens are basically license-free. There are a number of exceptions, contact your municipality for this.


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