Pulitzer Garden

Pulitzer garden

In the beautiful heart of the city of Amsterdam is a fabulous oasis of peace where you can enjoy a break for food and drinks. Inside the iconic Pulitzer hotel, you can drop in and savour the splendid Pulitzer Garden restaurant. You can enjoy the bucolic charm of a garden inside a set of 25 Golden Age canal houses. This really is a hidden gem you need to discover and love. Non-hotel guests are welcome to come in and enjoy a special moment in a classic Amsterdam location. Recharge your batteries with a refreshing glass of wine or a colourful cocktail. The lunch and dinner menus are varied and all the dishes are as beautiful as they are delicious. See More Details for some photos of this fabulous location.

You might be a guest, a visitor to Amsterdam or a local – the Pulitzer Garden is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a special moment. For breakfast, morning coffee, a lovely glass of wine or a beautiful food dish, the Pulitzer Garden you will want to tell your friends about.


Drinks in the garden


the garden


The Pulitzer Garden

Get more insight directly on the Pulitzer Garden site.

See more about the iconic Pulitzer hotel on the official hotel site.


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