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The Jansz. restaurant, part of the Pulitzer Hotel is a haven for people who love fine dining. The food is both delicious and beautiful, as you would expect in a venue of this standing. The decor matches the ambitions of the kitchen and you will certainly have a memorable fine dining experience. The dishes are varied with a modern twist, all the while retaining a relaxed Dutch attitude. The very best of the past is matched with modern culinary excellence. There are many different private dining options too. A majestic staircase leads to the exclusive Copper Rooms. Here you can have private dinners to celebrate with friends, a baby shower, a birthday party or a family get-together. A visit to the Jansz. is sure to be the source of many great memories. See the official site for the latest offers and menus.

Here is a selection of photos of this fabulous restaurant.

Fine Dining


Inside Jansz. is a decor that is both stylish and traditional. Keeping the historical look and feel of the building has always been a priority. It adds so much to the dining moment. In the private dining areas, you will certainly have an experience that you will talk about for years to come.

The Jansz.


The menus vary often, but the objective is to bring great food to the plates. Food, that not only looks great but is an explosion of flavours and colours. The wine selection is also of the very best level.

Food at the Jansz


The dishes are constantly pushing the boundaries of quality and expectations. The waiting staff and the kitchen teams are in a process of constant innovation. This keeps the Jansz. at the very top of its game every day.

Fine dining

Jansz. Restaurant details:

Address: Reestraat 8, 1016 DN Amsterdam

Phone: 020 523 5282

Email: info@janszamsterdam.com

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