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Events started in September 2019
Kids Painting Workshop
Sep 01 2019 - Sep 04 2021

Kids Painting Workshop

Van Gogh Museum
Kids Painting Workshop at the Van Gogh museum. Every weekend children aged between 6 and 12 can do painting workshops in this world famous museum. It starts with a guided tour especially for children (in Dutch and English). This inspires them, then they go to a workshop and start painting. Maybe they will become famous like Vincent ! You can use the 2 hour duration of the workshop to visit ...
alternative to plastic exhibition
Sep 01 2019 - Dec 06 2019

Micropia Amsterdam – Plastics expo

Micropia is the world's only museum where microbes are the stars of the show. Small things can have a huge effect. This exhibition showcases the uses of microbes as a viable alternative to the scourge of plastic. Very topical at the moment and rightly so ! Every day at 1 and 4 PM inside Micropia. ...
NEMO Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 07 2020

NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam

Science Center NEMO
The NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam is a must visit if you have kids of all ages. It is one of the best learning places for sciences in the world. The centres adds new installations all the time.  There is so much for the children to learn and the parents tend to learn a lot also ! You can use your museum card to get in for free too ! ...
Cool Japan Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Apr 08 2020

Cool Japan

Japanese art and fashions are famous the world over. Manga, the cutesy artwork of many cartoons and the numerous famous Japanese films that achieve success internationally (especially the hour genre) are universally appreciated. This exhibition is an update of a its previous iteration that took place in Leiden. Be prepared to allow your eyes to enter the realm of the senses ! ...
Candy Castle Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Jul 31 2023

Candy Castle Play Zone

Candy Castle Play Zone
Candy Castle play zone  - Kids, eh ? they need constant entertainment right ? Well a play zone will do just that. Let them burn all their natural energy playing in a safe and fun environment while you can chill out, read a book and drink coffee. Everyone's a winner ! Candy Castle is a Godsend on a wet winter day and on a hot summer day. They kids love it. Also ...
TunFun Amsterdam Play Zone
Sep 01 2019 - Jul 05 2022

Tun Fun Play Area Amsterdam

Tun Fun Amsterdam A fabulous play area for children right in the heart of Amsterdam by Waterlooplein. This is a great place for kids of all ages as the zones are based on a child's age. They can slide, slide, jump and safely play here for hours. Great for parents too as they is a large area with picnic table where you can sit and talk and drink coffee. There is a café ...
Artis Zoo Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 31 2023

Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Artis Magistra
Artis has to be one of the best zoos in the world ! Such a huge variety of animals in a lovely setting with lots of plants and flowers. there are large cats, gorillas, giraffes, elephants and so much more. There is even and aquarium. They have a fabulous café and play area for the kids. They even have little carts you can wheel the kids around in when their little ...
KinderKook Kafe Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Jul 02 2023

Kinderkook Kafe Vondelpark Amsterdam

Kinderkook Kafé
The Kinderkook Kafé Vondelpark Amsterdam is a great place for children to have fun, learn something and eat the food they make ! The Kinderkook has been around since 1981 so they must be doing something right. The kids can choose their own menus and then they make the food. They choose their pizza toppings and then cook it so they can eat it at a table. The parents can have a ...
Pancake Boat Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Jul 31 2025

Pancake Boat Tour Amsterdam

Pancake Boat Tour
At many time in Amsterdam you will be eating pancakes. You simply will. so what about doing it differently and jumping on a 75 minute boat tour where you can eat as many pancakes as you like ! It's a great idea ! Suitable for families and they also organise parties. See site for all the details and prices. ...
Goat Farm in the Bos
Sep 01 2019 - Jul 23 2023

Goat Farm in the Bos

Goat Farm in the Bos
A fun day. out in the nature with the animals at the Goat Farm in the Amsterdam Bos. The kids can see all the animals and even pet them. They will love that ! Then after running around and building up an appetite, the whole family can get stuck into some wonderful pancakes and follow that with ice cream made from goats milk ! A great day out ! ...
Blue Boat Kids Cruise Pirates
Sep 01 2019 - Jul 01 2021

Fresh Water Pirates

Fresh Water Pirates Kids Canal Cruise
Freshwater Pirates Kids Cruise on the Amsterdam Canals. This is great fun ! As all parents of young children know, they are full of energy and not so patient when the parents need them to be. This fun kids pirates cruise on the Amsterdam canals is a great way to keep everyone happy and laughing. The kids get their own special themed audio guide (Dutch and English) during the cruise. This ...
VR experience at the maritime museum.
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 07 2020

Dare to Discover – A VR Experience of 17th Century Amsterdam

National Maritime Museum
Virtual Reality is the future. Well it is also the present and the past right now in Amsterdam. The National Maritime Museum has a wonderful set up inside the main exhibition to allow you to experience 17th century Amsterdam as the ships were being build that would go all over the globe. You can wave from the quayside as your ship leaves dock. What leuk! This is for adults and children (over 8 ...
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