Events started in July 2019
Bodyworlds Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Aug 02 2099

Bodyworlds Amsterdam

Bodyworlds Amsterdam
This might, at first view, seem the craziest way to spend time in Amsterdam. You will very quickly realise that it could be one of the most interesting things you have ever seen in your life. It's shocking for sure, but ...
VR experience at the maritime museum.
Jul 01 2019 - Aug 07 2020

Dare to Discover – A VR Experience of 17th Century Amsterdam

National Maritime Museum
Virtual Reality is the future. Well it is also the present and the past right now in Amsterdam. The National Maritime Museum has a wonderful set up inside the main exhibition to allow you to experience 17th century Amsterdam as the ...
classic Beauties at the Hermitage Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Aug 21 2019

Classic Beauties

Hermitage Amsterdam
Humans are fascinated by the beauty of their own bodies. We always have been and we always will be. This exhibition showcases some of the finest Italian statues that were discovered in the 18th century and at that time it caused ...
Het Grachtenhuis
Jul 01 2019 - Aug 29 2020

The History of the Amsterdam Canals

Het Grachtenhuis
Amsterdam - it is defined by the water and its canal system. But how did it all happen ? Well in this fine museum that is exactly what you can learn. An impressive collection of displays will help you discover the miracle ...
alternative to plastic exhibition
Jul 01 2019 - Dec 06 2019

Micropia Amsterdam – Plastics expo

Micropia is the world's only museum where microbes are the stars of the show. Small things can have a huge effect. This exhibition showcases the uses of microbes as a viable alternative to the scourge of plastic. Very topical at the moment ...
Niuewekerk Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Sep 11 2019

Buddha’s Life, Path to the Present

Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
A fabulously curated mix old old object and contemporary art to celebrate Buddha. See artefacts dedicated to life of Buddha and the notion of enlightenment. Also present will be many modern works by diverse artists including Ai Weiwei to see how ...
More Oudekerk Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Dec 06 2019

More Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk (Old Church)
Did you know that the Oude Kerk is the oldest building in Amsterdam ? It is quite something to see. It also now hosts some fabulous expos, artistic installations, debates and exhibitions. More Oude Kerk is setup up to give you , ...
The Rijksmuseum amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Sep 19 2019

80 Years War – The Birth of The Netherlands

It is the 450th anniversary of the 80 years war. It was a war that effectively was the birth of The Netherlands. The exhibition will display many items in a historical context allowing the visitor to get a deep feeling for ...
NEMO Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Aug 07 2020

NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam

Science Center NEMO
The NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam is a must visit if you have kids of all ages. It is one of the best learning places for sciences in the world. The centres adds new installations all the time.  There is so much for ...
Cool Japan Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Apr 08 2020

Cool Japan

Japanese art and fashions are famous the world over. Manga, the cutesy artwork of many cartoons and the numerous famous Japanese films that achieve success internationally (especially the hour genre) are universally appreciated. This exhibition is an update of a its ...
Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Sep 12 2019

Van Gogh Dreams

Van Gogh Museum
This addition (requires extra tickets, see link below) to the permanent exhibition, gives the visitor more insight into his creatures adventure in Arles in the South of France. While Paris must have opened his eyes, it took a heavy toll on ...
Frans Hals and the Moderns Haarlem
Jul 01 2019 - Oct 24 2019

Frans Hals and the Moderns

Frans Hals Museum
The Frans Hals Museum is a must. Like Rembrandt, hugely under appreciated during his lifetime, he was 'rediscovered' as an art great over two hundred years after his death. Many of the 19th century painters adored his work, such as ...
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