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Events started in July 2019
Bango Improv Boom Chicago
Jul 01 2019 - Oct 23 2019

BANGO ! Improv with a Beat !

Boom Chicago
A new form of Improv ! New rules to make new fun and really get the laughs coming in ! Andrew Moscow, a long term creator and innovator at Boom Chicago has created BANGO and you'll love it ! There will ...
The Madness of King Donald
Jul 01 2019 - Sep 18 2019

The Madness of King Donald A Trump Tutorial

Boom Chicago
THE MADNESS OF KING DONALD - A TRUMP TUTORIAL Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, BNR, ZDF) is a local and well-loved comedian especially for his views on politics. Here he takes you through the mind of the 45th - and possibly ...
Comedy Cafe Amsterdam
Jul 01 2019 - Jun 10 2021

Comedy Cafe Amsterdam English Stand Up

Comedy Café Amsterdam
Comedy Cafe Amsterdam. This great venue near the Central Station is a haven for great stand up. From Sunday to Thursday, you can find English language stand up from local comedians and international stand ups on their tours. Laughter is ...
Events started in September 2019
Blue Man Group AFAS Live
Sep 03 2019 - Sep 08 2019

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group - The world tour continues of this now famous show. A mix of music, dance, performance and technology. So much fun ! It all started back in 1991 and through touring this great act over 35 million ...
Badhuis theatre Amsterdam Allo Allo
Sep 06 2019 - Sep 07 2019

Allo Allo Badhuistheater Amsterdam

Badhuistheater Amsterdam
Allo Allo Badhuistheater Amsterdam. After another sell out series of performances, Allo Allo is back in the September for two performances. Follow Rene as he juggles between the Germans, the British, his mistresses and his wife. Comedy ensues as his hectic ...
International Comedy Night
Sep 27 2019

English Comedy Night Amsterdam

Boom Chicago
English Comedy Night Amsterdam - Joe Eagan produces another of his now legendary comedy nights at Boom Chicago .It is always varied and with rolling guests. The pick of comedians is always excellent. Show times are at 8 and 10 ...
Liza Treger Boom Chicago
Sep 29 2019

Liza Treyger at Boom Chicago

Boom Chicago
Liza Treyger at Boom Chicago. Liza is a regular performer on the comedy circuit festivals around the world. She also makes regular appearances in Tv comedies such as Horace and Pete. This summer she performs at the Dublin Comedy Festival ...
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