Cinema Amsterdam

Events started in July 2019
Blade Runner The Final Cut
Jul 01 2019 - Aug 21 2019

Blade Runner

Blade Runner. Harrison Ford play Dechard, a police officer charged with terminating four replicants. The Tyrell Corporation has designed and made these replicants, but does not want to let go of their operation. The chase is on ! Rightly called one of ...
Being John Malkovich
Jul 01 2019 - Aug 26 2019

Being John Malkovich

De Uitkijk
Being John Malkovich  - The wonderful little cinema De Uitkijk is really spoiling us. This great film is 20 years old, but still works as a timeless classic. the genius screenwriter Charlie Kaufman imagined this nutty adventure. A anal man ...
Events started in August 2019
Pluk de Nacht Film Festival
Aug 14 2019 - Aug 24 2019

Pluk de Nacht Film Festival

Pluk de Nacht Film Festival - Making going to see a film on the big screen even more memorable. You can sit in a deck chair and when the sun goes down, watch a fabulous film. This is the 16th ...
World Cinema Amsterdam
Aug 15 2019 - Aug 24 2019

World Cinema Amsterdam

World Cinema Amsterdam - 10th Anniversary edition. This is a veritable feast for fans of world cinema. There are screenings across the city in both indoor and outdoor locations. The festival celebrates films from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the ...
Michael Mann Film Retrospective
Aug 30 2019 - Nov 18 2019

Michael Mann Film Retrospective

EYE Film Museum
Michael Mann Film Retrospective - The Eye Film Museum is staging a retrospective of the films of Michael Mann. His body of work includes 11 films and two made for TV.  It includes : Heat, Miami Vice,  Manhunter, The Last ...
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