Support groups in Amsterdam

Support groups in Amsterdam


Many different support groups in Amsterdam are there to help you. We all need a helping hand at some point in life. There is no need to walk life’s path alone.  There are some great support groups in Amsterdam just waiting to help. Below you will find a wide selection of them. If you need them, just call. All sites are in English unless otherwise stated. 

Getting help and support in Amsterdam

There is a vast support network for the international community in Amsterdam. Those that need it should definitely use it. There are experienced and trained teams of professionals and volunteers just waiting to hear from you. There is Narcotics Anonymous Amsterdam, or if it is alcohol, then there is Alcoholics Anonymous Amsterdam. Many ex-drug addicts or ex-alcoholics love nothing more than to go on and help those that want to improve and take back control of their lives. If you are feeling overwhelmed or suicidal, then please call the suicide support teams that would love nothing more than to hear from you. They will listen to you and offer assistance and help. It is all confidential and there, you can talk openly and freely about what is putting you under pressure. We all need a kind voice and a helping hand at times in life.

Drug Support group NA

Some people do slip into substance abuse in Amsterdam. Narcotics Anonymous Amsterdam (NA) is a non-profit support group for men and women with drug addiction issues. There are English-speaking meetings in Amsterdam. The NA website is full of valuable resources and details about the meetings. NA is a structured and proven way of beating dependency. Ring now for your local Narcotic Anonymous Amsterdam group.

narcotics anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous

It is well known that regular drinking can slip out of control. Alcoholics Anonymous in the Amsterdam area has regular meetings. For up-to-date information on local meetings, check the site. They even have a self-assessment section, so you can honestly see for yourself how alcohol is affecting your life. If you have an issue with alcohol, there are kind people just waiting to help and listen. Ring to find your local AA Group and take control of your drinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous
: 020 625 6057 (24-hour)

LGBT+ Community

We have a dedicated information page here.


With all the coronavirus issues at the moment, AIDS is not addressed so often. Medical advances mean we might see solutions for HIV / AIDS soon. In the meantime, it continues to be a significant health issue. Prevention, testing and support are very well organised in The Netherlands. 

AIDS infoline
0900 204 2040 (in English)
Open: Monday to Friday, 14:00-22:00

A wide selection of support groups for HIV / AIDS is available on the Iamsterdam website.

Cancer Support

There are eight comprehensive cancer centres (CCCs) in The Netherlands. they conduct research and assist relatives and patients. They each work with a group of hospitals. The website is in Dutch here. You can also find information in English on The Netherlands Cancer Group site.

support groups in amsterdam


Mum’s Support Groups

It can get lonely sometimes being a mum in a foreign country. One of the best and most complete support groups and information centres for mums is The Amsterdam Mamas.  They also have a Facebook group here with 17k members.

Support for Mental Health Issues

 Agencies and hospitals deal with all mental health issues.  Your first line of mental health support is your GP, who will orient you. They will then recommend the following actions based on their assessment of your condition. You may well be recommended to see a specialist such as Amsterdam mental health professionals in our listings.

In case it is more serious, such as a personality disorder, and you are a danger to yourself or others, you will be taken into secondary care, and that might involve being hospitalised.

If you need suicide support, you can call 0900 0113 or read more about their services for mental health.


Mental health issues


Please also see our Information Page about Healthcare in the Netherlands.

We hope this information page about support groups in Amsterdam was useful to you.

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