Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

coffeeshops in amsterdam

Ah, Amsterdam. Often you will get the sticky sweet smell of a joint as you walk around town. A visit to Amsterdam is generally associated with a visit to a coffeeshop. Not always, but generally. Here is some information about coffeeshops, the culture, the law, and the changing situation. The Netherlands used to be one […]

Pets in The Netherlands

Pets in NL

We all love our animals. Our cuddly cats, our loyal dogs. Our domestic animals. Or sometimes even reptiles, rats or very exotic animals. Pets are so cute and friendly. There is a recognised benefit to owning or adopting a pet – it simply makes you a happier person. Children love to look after and play […]

Support groups in Amsterdam

Support groups in Amsterdam

  Many different support groups in Amsterdam are there to help you. We all need a helping hand at some point in life. There is no need to walk life’s path alone.  There are some great support groups in Amsterdam just waiting to help. Below you will find a wide selection of them. If you need them, […]

Dutch Food

Dutch Food Kibeling

Dutch food – It won’t kill you and it might make you stronger!

LGBT+ in Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam

Essential Information LGBT+ men and women living in Amsterdam LGBT+ in Amsterdam – As the numerous Pride events every year show, The Netherlands is one of the most liberal and tolerant countries in the world regarding accepting gays, lesbians and the wider LGBT+ community. Hundreds of thousands of people attend those celebrations. It also includes […]

Dental care in Amsterdam

Dental care in Amsterdam

    Firstly, it must be said that dental care in The Netherlands is excellent. for the Dutch, it seems so clear and simple. Dental care for expats in Amsterdam can be confusing. Welcome to our information page about dental care and dentists  in Amsterdam.  It’s all about how to get it and what happens […]

The Dutch Healthcare System

The Dutch healthcare system. Firstly, it is quick and efficient and has an excellent reputation. It is a well-oiled and modern system where all the parts seem to work together easily. The non-Dutch find it hard work sometimes to get more than aspirin from their doctor, which sometimes shows people used to healthcare systems in […]

Transport in Amsterdam

Getting around the city…and farther afield…

Transport in Amsterdam. Of course, the iconic bicycle is the form of transport most associated with the Netherlands and in Amsterdam you can clearly see that it is the default mode of transport. Here we will look at all the other methods for getting around the city and the country.

Education in The Netherlands

Education in The Netherlands

Education Local Info • Education in the Netherlands Try to talk to parents if you get the chance. They will willingly let you know what they think about the schools where their kids are being educated. Be aware that opinions will differ wildly, too…so ask quite a few parents. There is one unifying opinion, though….the […]