Tale of the Whale

Tale of the Whale

Tale of the Whale. this great exhibition shows how we have viewed these majestic animals over  the centuries. You will learn about whaling and how it has made the whale an endangered species. This is perfect for families with children from 6 years of age. Created in co-operation with the World Wildlife Fund. The Blue Whale is a type of whale, which can weigh up to 170,000 kilos and eats 3500 kilos of plankton per day! The tale of the whale is accessible in an interactive, educational way. In the exhibition you will learn a lot about the various kinds of whales, its habitat and how whales evolved through the centuries. Great fun and very educational! See the official site for tickets.  For more great local exhibitions, see our handy listings.

Tale of the Whale


Jul 01 2023


All Day

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National Maritime Museum
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