Slavery at The Rijksmuseum

This is the much talked about Slavery at the Rijksmuseum exhibition. It is a part of Dutch history. This exhibition looks at how the events of the past have an effect on Dutch society nowadays. This is the first exhibition of this nature in The Netherlands. Of course, it mainly looks at the colonial period of Dutch history. It is a very comprehensive look at the Dutch involvement in slavery across the globe. The timescale is mainly from the 17th to the 19th century.  A light is shone on ten historical individuals. Not only the enslaved and slavers but also people who freed themselves, an African servant in the Netherlands and an Amsterdam sugar refiner. It looks at their lives and the choices they made. A very important exhibition at this iconic museum.

See the Slavery page on the Rijksmuseum site.


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Feb 01 2022 - May 22 2022


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Museumstraat 1