Reflecting Forward at MOCO

Reflecting Forward at MOCO

One of the most stunning installations in Amsterdam in the last decade, for your visual enjoyment. Reflecting Forward at MOCO – the new installation at the MOCO by Studio Irma. 2020 is the year of the woman. A new exhibition by a women artist, in order to showcase more artists. Studio Irma is a Dutch artist and former student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. A former resident at the MOCO, Studio Irma is the superstar artist behind Reflecting Forward. Irma has removed all cultural filters in her solo show. At last, she creates an all-accepting place and experience, where space, people, and modern technology blend in harmony. Reflecting Forward includes different installation art rooms designed and created by the artist. For more information and tickets see the official Reflecting Forward at MOCO page. So, for more great events in Amsterdam, see out handy listings.

What an absolutely fabulous installation by this meal Dutch artists. It is so much fun and visually stunning. How nice to see something so new and fresh in this wonderful exhibition space right in the heart of Amsterdam’ famous Museumplein.

Art for Everyone

Due to the corona virus crisis, this installation will be around for a lot longer, giving everyone the chance to see it. You will not be disappointed as it never loses its child-like attraction. Art should be fun, right? All the family will love this one and the lights, the sounds and the reflections. Art should change your perspectives and challenge and entertain you at the same time.

With Reflecting Forward at MOCO,  they once again excel in the breadth and depth of its displays and exhibitions. It cements its place on the Amsterdam museum landscape and rightly so. It is as interesting as it is varied and never fails to push the boundaries. Enjoy Studio Irma and all the other great artworks to see at the MOCO Amsterdam.


Studio Irma

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Jun 01 2020 - Sep 30 2020


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