Jochen Lempert Natural Sources

Jochen Lempert Natural Sources

Jochen Lempert Natural Sources is the exhibition coming to Huis Marseille to round off the rest of 2022 with a beautiful exhibition of his photos. Lempert had a very deep understanding of the natural world due to his training as a botanist and a dragonfly expert. He took a very poetic angle to his work; he allowed the viewer to look at nature differently. The results are beautiful small format black and white images with a great attention to detail. It allows us better to understand the changing relationship between humans and nature. There is always a great reason to visit the fabulous Huis Marseille and this exhibition is one of them. For Jochen Lempert Natural Sources Tims and tickets, see the official page. For more like this, see our handy Amsterdam exhibitions overview.


Sep 10 2022 - Dec 04 2022


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Huis Marseille - Museum for Photography
Keizersgracht 401