Goddesses of Art Nouveau

Goddesses of Art Nouveau

Goddesses of Art Nouveau is a fascinating new exhibition on this beautiful museum in central Amsterdam.  This exhibition is a collaboration with two German museums in order to gather more great art nouveau content. This beautiful art movement has many admirers and swept through the world between 1890 and 1910. Everyone recognises its distinctive flowing lines, floral motifs and colours. The female form was always at the very heart of the movement. Many of these were the classical figures from antiquity, medieval legends, muses and Byzantine icons. This fabulous Goddesses of Art Nouveau exhibition looks at the role of the woman in the Art Nouveau movement and the effect it had on society at its time. For more details see the official page for the exhibition. For more great exhibitions in Amsterdam, see our handy listings.



Sep 03 2021 - Oct 24 2021


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Allard Pierson
Oude Turfmarkt 127-129 1012 GC Amsterdam