Careers and settling in

Careers and Settling In The Netherlands

Careers and Settling In the Netherlands – A really intereating online seminar for anyone who has moved to The Netherlands. Whatever the reason that brought you to this country, keeping your career development in mind is a must.  What do you really want to do? What are the possibilities? What should you work towards?  Be better informed about the local job market and learn about how to better position yourself in it. This interesting webinar will look at careers and setting in to life in The Netherlands. Read on to find out the contents.

The Dutch job market and career opportunities for internationals

Every Mother Knows is an IN partner. Angela will talk about the current employment trends and career opportunities for international and multilingual talent. Find out about the Dutch job market, learn which skills are most in demand and hear about the winning strategies to launch your career in this country.

Simplify your life with these 7 Great Habits

IN Amsterdam partner in2motivation will take you through seven simple ways to make the Netherlands your home. In doing so, Ligia Koijen will not only share her knowledge in culture and neurologic patterns but also her experiences of moving to a new country.

Careers and Settling In The Netherlands will be a very useful seminar.

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Nov 25 2021


17:00 - 18:00

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