Blade Runner The Final Cut

Blade Runner

Blade Runner. Harrison Ford play Dechard, a police officer charged with terminating four replicants. The Tyrell Corporation has designed and made these replicants, but does not want to let go of their operation. The chase is on !

Rightly called one of the best science fiction films ever made. It is a Ridley Scott masterpiece and stands the test of time. Made in 1982 and set in Los Angeles in 2019.

A very stylish film with very quotable lines : “I’ve seen things you people would not believe,”

Date Time Screen  
Sat 30 March 21:30 LAB 1  
Fri 19 April 19:00 LAB 1  
Thurs 9 May 16:00 LAB 1  
Mon 20 May 21:30 LAB 1

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Jul 01 2019 - Aug 21 2019


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