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Het Grachtenhuis
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 29 2020

The History of the Amsterdam Canals

Het Grachtenhuis
Amsterdam - it is defined by the water and its canal system. But how did it all happen ? Well in this fine museum that is exactly what you can learn. An impressive collection of displays will help you discover the miracle of how it all happened. Some excellent multimedia displays will impress upon you the magnitude of the work it took to create the canals as you see them today. This museum ...
alternative to plastic exhibition
Sep 01 2019 - Dec 06 2019

Micropia Amsterdam – Plastics expo

Micropia is the world's only museum where microbes are the stars of the show. Small things can have a huge effect. This exhibition showcases the uses of microbes as a viable alternative to the scourge of plastic. Very topical at the moment and rightly so ! Every day at 1 and 4 PM inside Micropia. ...
More Oudekerk Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Dec 06 2019

More Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk (Old Church)
Did you know that the Oude Kerk is the oldest building in Amsterdam ? It is quite something to see. It also now hosts some fabulous expos, artistic installations, debates and exhibitions. More Oude Kerk is setup up to give you , the visitor, more access to everything in the Oude Kerk - More history, more art, more spaces. See more artefacts and more secret rooms.  Sure to be fabulous. ...
NEMO Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 07 2020

NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam

Science Center NEMO
The NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam is a must visit if you have kids of all ages. It is one of the best learning places for sciences in the world. The centres adds new installations all the time.  There is so much for the children to learn and the parents tend to learn a lot also ! You can use your museum card to get in for free too ! ...
Cool Japan Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Apr 08 2020

Cool Japan

Japanese art and fashions are famous the world over. Manga, the cutesy artwork of many cartoons and the numerous famous Japanese films that achieve success internationally (especially the hour genre) are universally appreciated. This exhibition is an update of a its previous iteration that took place in Leiden. Be prepared to allow your eyes to enter the realm of the senses ! ...
Stedelijk Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 08 2022

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
The Stedelijk museum isn't as new as it looks ! Founded in 1872 by a group of locals that wanted to create a haven for modern art in Amsterdam. That collection used to be in the Rijksmuseum before moving to its own current setting in 1895. Famed for its collection of Van Gogh works until they got their own museum. After WWII, it continued its work collecting contemporary art works and that ...
Van Gogh Museum amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam....Oh Vincent, what have you done ? Well, I think if he was here now he would be more that pleased with the uplifting effect his art has on millions of people across the world. He would probably say to Theo, his brother, "See, I told you so!" It is possible to visit The Van Gogh Museum many times in the years as there is a great ...
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

The Rijksmuseum

Wow, what a museum ! this really is the King of museums. A huge collection of art and objects from Dutch history. first opened in The Hague in 1800, it soon moved to Amsterdam in 1808. It now has a huge collection of over 1 million art objects and only a small proportion of those, around 8,000 is on display at any one time. The biggest art museum in the country, it ...
Hermitage Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Hermitage Amsterdam Museum

Hermitage Amsterdam
The Hermitage Amsterdam. This wonderful museum is an international branch museum of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. In the past, this building a retirement home for elderly men and women. In 2009 it opened as a museum. It generally hosts 2 very important themed collections on a 6 monthly timeline. A wonderful addition to Amsterdam's art offerings. ...
Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

A fabulous museum and a good excuse to get away from the throngs of tourists on the Museumplein. It has 8 exhibitions running at any one time, so there is sure to be something for everyone, especially the kids. These generally, but not exclusively include modern art, traditional visual arts and photography. A lot of the exhibitions are featured around different tropical cultures around the world. Check the website link to see ...
Anne Frank House amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Anne Frank House Amsterdam

Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House Amsterdam - One of the most visited museums in the world and rightly so ! This little piece of living history teaches many about the need to fight persecution, fascism and hate. In the late 1950's the whole area was nearly given over to developers. Thankfully the creation of the Anne Frank Foundation prevented that. Not so long ago a visit to the secret annexe east many long ...
Amsterdam Museum
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Amsterdam City Museum

Amsterdam Museum
Just under 100 years ago this museum was located in the Waag on Nieuwemarkt. In the mid 1970's it moved to its current location right in the heart of the city. It is always worth a visit to getting a better understanding of the stages that the city went through over the centuries to become what it is today. Lots of great displays and all the family will enjoy this museum. ...
Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 25 2020

Albertcuyp Market

Albert Cuyp Market
The big Market in Amsterdam and one of the biggest street market in Europe. Here you can literally find anything you need from dog collars to flowers and from delicious fish to fine fabrics. It is a great place to wander around and shop or just to soak up the atmosphere. The nice smells and the hustle bustle of daily Amsterdam life. then you can spend time wandering around the lovely Pijp ...
Noordemarkt amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Sep 05 2021

Noordekerk Market

Noordekerk Market is fabulous. Very soon this great market will celebrate its 400th birthday and its still going strong. On Saturdays there is a huge food market. Not only food though as you can find flowers and pretty much everything you need at the market. There is also a BIO market with lots of fine foods. Interspersed with all the food is clothing, trinkets, antiques and lots more. On the Monday morning ...
Dappermarkt Amsterdam
Sep 01 2019 - Aug 26 2022

Dappermarkt in the East side of Amsterdam

The Dappermarkt is to be discovered and loved. It is a real mix of everything you can imagine or need. From a range of foods to bike wheels to fabrics of all kinds. It certainly has a more oriental and African feeling about it, especially in terms of the fantastic foods on offer. Renowned too for its keener prices than some of the other markets in Amsterdam. Monday to Saturday 9AM to 5PM ...
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