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History of Canals
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 29 2020

The History of the Amsterdam Canals

Het Grachtenhuis
The History of the Amsterdam Canals - it is defined by the water and its canal system.But how did it all happen ? Well in this fine museum that is exactly what you can learn. An impressive collection of displays will help you discover the miracle of how it all happened. Some excellent multimedia displays will impress upon you the magnitude of the work it took to create the canals as ...
Nemo Science centre
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 07 2020

NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam

Science Center NEMO
NEMO Science Centre Amsterdam is a must visit if you have kids of all ages. It is one of the best learning centres for sciences in the world. The centre adds new installations all the time.  The breadth and the variety of installations is fantastic. The best way to learn is by having fun. There is so much for the children to learn and the parents tend to learn a lot also ! Find ...
Stedelijk Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 08 2022

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam isn't as new as it looks ! Founded in 1872 by a group of locals that wanted to create a haven for modern art in Amsterdam. That collection used to be in the Rijksmuseum before moving to its own current setting in 1895. Famed for its collection of Van Gogh works until they got their own museum. After WWII, it continued its work collecting contemporary art works and ...
Van Gogh Museum amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam....Oh Vincent, what have you done ? Well, I think if he was here now he would be more that pleased with the uplifting effect his art has on millions of people across the world. He would probably say to Theo, his brother, "See, I told you so!" It is possible to visit The Van Gogh Museum many times in the years as there is a great ...
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum - Wow, what a museum ! this really is the King of museums. A huge collection of art and objects from Dutch history. first opened in The Hague in 1800, it soon moved to Amsterdam in 1808. It now has a huge collection of over 1 million art objects and only a small proportion of those, around 8,000 is on display at any one time. The biggest art museum in ...
Hermitage Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

The Hermitage Amsterdam Museum

Hermitage Amsterdam
The Hermitage Amsterdam. This wonderful museum is an international branch museum of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. In the past, this building a retirement home for elderly men and women. In 2009 it opened as a museum. It generally hosts 2 very important themed collections on a 6 monthly timeline. A wonderful addition to Amsterdam's art offerings. See the Hermitage Amsterdam official page here. For more great museum ideas, see our handy ...
Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam - A fabulous museum and a good excuse to get away from the throngs of tourists on the Museumplein. It has 8 exhibitions running at any one time, so there is sure to be something for everyone, especially the kids. These generally, but not exclusively include modern art, traditional visual arts and photography. A lot of the exhibitions are featured around different tropical cultures around the world. Check the Tropenmuseum ...
Anne Frank House amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Anne Frank House Amsterdam

Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House Amsterdam - One of the most visited museums in the world and rightly so ! This little piece of living history teaches many about the need to fight persecution, fascism and hate. In the late 1950's the whole area was nearly given over to developers. Thankfully the creation of the Anne Frank Foundation prevented that. Not so long ago a visit to the secret annexe east many long ...
Amsterdam Museum
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 06 2020

Amsterdam City Museum

Amsterdam Museum
Amsterdam City Museum - Just under 100 years ago this museum was located in the Waag on Nieuwemarkt. In the mid 1970's it moved to its current location right in the heart of the city. It is always worth a visit to getting a better understanding of the stages that the city went through over the centuries to become what it is today. Lots of great displays and all the family will ...
Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 25 2020

Albertcuyp Market

Albert Cuyp Market
Albertcuyp Market - The biggest Market in Amsterdam and one of the biggest street market in Europe. Here you can literally find anything you need from dog collars to flowers and from delicious fish to fine fabrics. Albertcuyp Market is a great place to wander around and shop or just to soak up the atmosphere. The nice smells and the hustle bustle of daily Amsterdam life.Then you can spend time wandering ...
Noordekerk market amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Sep 05 2021

Noordekerk Market

Noordekerk Market is fabulous. Very soon this great market will celebrate its 400th birthday and its still going strong. On Saturdays there is a huge food market. Not only food though as you can find flowers and pretty much everything you need at the market. There is also a BIO market with lots of fine foods. Interspersed with all the food is clothing, trinkets, antiques and lots more. On the Monday morning ...
Dappermarkt Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 26 2022

Dappermarkt in the East side of Amsterdam

The Dappermarkt is to be discovered and loved. It is a real mix of everything you can imagine or need. From a range of foods to bike wheels to fabrics of all kinds.It certainly has a more oriental and African feeling about it, especially in terms of the fantastic foods on offer. Renowned too for its keener prices than some of the other markets in Amsterdam. Monday to Saturday 9AM to 5PM. ...
Waterlooplein market Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 06 2023

Waterlooplein Flea Market Amsterdam

Waterlooplein Flea Market
Waterlooplein flea market Amsterdam can go from to ordinary to the very quirky. It is easy to visit as so close to the centre and well worth a couple of hours walking around. It really does have that flea market feel about it. Yes, there are the bike sellers and you can get a bargain it you need some wheels, but it is the people that lay out all manner of ...
FOAM Photography Museum
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 05 2023

FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam

FOAM Photography Museum
FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam is a great place to visit. It has some brilliant exhibitions that also leave a good mix of the permanent and the temporary. therefore, there is always a god reason to drop in. There have been many famous displays from Richard Avedon to Cartier-Bresson to Helmut Newton.  FOAM also works hard to bring the work of young and lesser-known artists to the fore. You don't need to be ...
Our Lord in the Attic Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Feb 02 2022

Our Lord in the Attic

Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder - Our Lord in the Attic
Our Lord in the Attic - Millions of visitors to Amsterdam walk straight past this museum every year. What a shame, as it is one of the most amazing places to visit in the city ! If you enter, you will take a step back in time to a perfectly preserved house from the Dutch Golden age. You will see the rooms they lived in and the way they lived. Keep heading ...
House of Bols Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Sep 03 2025

The House of Bols Experience

House of Bols Experience
The House of Bols experience Amsterdam. Do you often have guests staying with you and need to entertain them with something new in Amsterdam ? Then this is perfect for your over 18's. Here you learn all about the history of the House of Bols, the drinks the flavours, the techniques used to make all their drinks. It is a lovely and interesting museum experience. Then you go to the wonderful ...
Rembrandthuis Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Oct 01 2023

Rembrandthuis Amsterdam

Rembrandthuis Amsterdam - Everyone has heard of Rembrandt right ? Why ? Because he was a master painter. Woefully under-appreciated during his lifetime, he was later much loved and even more so nowadays. This fabulous museum gives you the chance to visit the house where he lived for 20 years in central Amsterdam. It has been fully refurbished to be exactly like it would have been at the time Rembrandt lived ...
Van Loon House Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 11 2023

Van Loon House Amsterdam

Van Loon Museum
Van Loon House Amsterdam - This is a real piece of Dutch history, so do not miss it. This beautiful home of the Van Loon family is a joy to see. The interiors are fabulous and the gardens are just exquisite. Willem Van Loon is also famous for being a founder of the Dutch East India-Company which set the stage for a long period Amsterdam being the centre of the world ...
Candy Castle Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 31 2023

Candy Castle Play Zone

Candy Castle Play Zone
Candy Castle play zone  - Kids, eh ? they need constant entertainment right ? Well a play zone will do just that. Let them burn all their natural energy playing in a safe and fun environment while you can chill out, read a book and drink coffee. Everyone's a winner ! Candy Castle is a Godsend on a wet winter day and on a hot summer day. They kids love it.Also ...
Tun Fun Play Area
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 05 2022

Tun Fun Play Area Amsterdam

Tun Fun Amsterdam A fabulous play area for children right in the heart of Amsterdam by Waterlooplein. This is a great place for kids of all ages as the zones are based on a child's age. They can slide, slide, jump and safely play here for hours. Great for parents too as they is a large area with picnic table where you can sit and talk and drink coffee. There is a café ...
Artis Zoo Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 31 2023

Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Artis Magistra
Artis has to be one of the best zoos in the world ! Such a huge variety of animals in a lovely setting with lots of plants and flowers. there are large cats, gorillas, giraffes, elephants and so much more. There is even and aquarium. They have a fabulous café and play area for the kids. They even have little carts you can wheel the kids around in when their little ...
KinderKook Kafe Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 02 2023

Kinderkook Kafe Vondelpark Amsterdam

Kinderkook Kafé
Kinderkook Kafe Vondelpark Amsterdam is a great place for children to have fun, learn something and eat the food they make ! The Kinderkook has been around since 1981 so they must be doing something right. The kids can choose their own menus and then they make the food. They choose their pizza toppings and then cook it so they can eat it at a table. The parents can have a coffee ...
Pancake Boat Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 31 2025

Pancake Boat Tour Amsterdam

Pancake Boat Tour
Pancake Boat Tour Amsterdam - At many time in Amsterdam you will be eating pancakes. You simply will. so what about doing it differently and jumping on a 75 minute boat tour where you can eat as many pancakes as you like !It's a great idea !Suitable for families and they also organise parties. See site for all the details and prices. For more fun ideas to keep the kids busy, ...
Goat Farm in the Bos
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 23 2023

Goat Farm in the Bos

Goat Farm in the Bos
A fun day. out in the nature with the animals at the Goat Farm in the Amsterdam Bos.The kids can see all the animals and even pet them. They will love that ! Then after running around and building up an appetite, the whole family can get stuck into some wonderful pancakes and follow that with ice cream made from goats milk ! A great day out ! For more information, see ...
Moco Museum Daniel Arsham
Dec 01 2019 - Jan 06 2020

MOCO – Daniel Arsham – Connecting Time

MOCO Museum
The MOCO Museum Amsterdam once again treats us to a festival of art. The New York artist Daniel Arsham brings his work to the MOCO. The exhibition is called 'Connecting Time'. The artist will enthrall and surprise us with his creations drawn from many artistic disciplines; Architecture, design, film, performance. His influences from pop culture and archeology are clear to see. The MOCO Museum Amsterdam once again raises the bar and firmly ...
Pub quiz at the Drovers Dog Wibautstraat
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 04 2020

Drovers Dog Pub Quiz

Drovers Dog Wibautstraat
Drovers Dog Pub Quiz - Once again it's back. A great pub quiz and if you go early there is a beer and burger deal. Be sure to reserve your team (4-6 people) and book a table to avoid disappointment. It is popular and does get very busy. Great prizes for the winners. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the date of the next quiz. for more Amsterdam are pub quizzes, ...
Dec 01 2019 - Jul 03 2021

THIS IS HOLLAND Immersive 5D Experience

THIS IS HOLLAND is a unique audio-visual and sensorial experience. You will see the very best of what Holland has to offer as you fly over the whole country.The sensations have effects that are real to match what you see on the big immersive screen.This is a fun activity for the whole family and it is very memorable. More information about THIS IS HOLLAND Other activities for all the family in Amsterdam. ...
De School Amsterdam Club Nights
Dec 01 2019 - Sep 09 2021

De School Club Nights

De School
De School Club Nights. This venue is well known as the former school house that was turned into a fabulous restaurant. The bar is a cool place to visit to. However, the club nights are turning into something of legend. Many varied DJ nights in a cosy and friendly space. Many varied themes so check the program here. ...
Club Claire Amsterdam
Dec 01 2019 - Sep 07 2021

Club Claire

Club Claire
Club Claire could be the DJ night you have always dreamt about. It is in the Rembrandtplein area, but is not like there night clubs there. It feels like being in a living room, with wonderful wooden floors. It also has a stunning sound system. A huge variety of DJ nights are available for your clubbing pleasure. See the program for the detailed list. ...
Club NYX Amsterdam DJ Nights
Dec 01 2019 - Aug 11 2021

Club NYX

Club NYX
Club NYX is so named because she was the Greek goddess of the night.  A worthy name for this great club. Three floors of throwing shapes in an unforgettable setting.  A wide a varied program that you can see here. ...
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