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Hermitage Amsterdam
Oct 01 2020 - Aug 12 2022

The Hermitage Amsterdam Museum

Hermitage Amsterdam
The Hermitage Amsterdam. This wonderful museum is an international branch museum of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. In the past, this building a retirement home for elderly men and women. In 2009 it opened as a museum. It generally hosts 2 very important themed collections on a 6 monthly timeline. A wonderful addition to Amsterdam's art offerings. See the Hermitage Amsterdam official page here. For more great museum ideas, see our handy ...READ MORE
Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
Oct 01 2020 - Aug 18 2022

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam - A fabulous museum and a good excuse to get away from the throngs of tourists on the Museumplein. It has 8 exhibitions running at any one time, so there is sure to be something for everyone, especially the kids. These generally, but not exclusively include modern art, traditional visual arts and photography. A lot of the exhibitions are featured around different tropical cultures around the world. Check the Tropenmuseum ...READ MORE
FOAM Photography Museum
Oct 01 2020 - Jul 05 2023

FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam

FOAM Photography Museum
FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam is a great place to visit. It has some brilliant exhibitions that also leave a good mix of the permanent and the temporary. therefore, there is always a god reason to drop in. There have been many famous displays from Richard Avedon to Cartier-Bresson to Helmut Newton.  FOAM also works hard to bring the work of young and lesser-known artists to the fore. You don't need to be ...READ MORE
comedy cafe
Oct 01 2020 - Dec 31 2020

Comedy Cafe Amsterdam English Stand Up

Comedy Café Amsterdam
Back on the 1st June! Comedy Cafe Amsterdam. This great venue near the Central Station is a haven for great stand up. From Sunday to Thursday, you can find English language stand up from local comedians and international stand ups on their tours. Laughter is always on the cards. Take a table, order drinks and food and enjoy a huge variety of talents. Check the information and the agenda here. For ...READ MORE
Moco Museum Amsterdam
Oct 01 2020 - Aug 05 2022

The Moco museum Amsterdam

MOCO Museum
The Moco museum Amsterdam. A recent and most welcome addition to the Amsterdam art exhibition scene. The MOCO has made quite a space for itself in a crowded market. The Moderne Contemporary Museum has great rolling exhibitions starring works from Dali, Banksy, Lichtenstein and many more.  the so-called 'Rockstars of Contemporary art'. A visit to the Moco museum Amsterdam is always a good idea ! For more information see the MOCO official ...READ MORE
The Cromhouthuis Museum Amsterdam
Oct 01 2020 - Jul 14 2022

The Cromhouthuis Museum

Cromhouthuis Museum
The Cromhouthuis Museum Amsterdam. The beautiful home of the Cromhout family who lived here in the 17th and 18th centuries. They were great lovers of art and very active collectors. They collected portraits, fine furnishings, shells, silverware and a range of curiosities. they loved to socialise in the house with their guests and friends. You can experience this fine house in all its glory. For more information, consult the Cromhouthuis museum ...READ MORE
The National Maritime Museum
Oct 01 2020 - Jul 01 2022

The National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum
The National Maritime Museum - one of the largest maritime collects in the world and a large selection of great exhibitions. Discover all about Dutch maritime history. You can see a vast array of maps and maritime equipment. Regular new temporary exhibitions to see. there is always something for the whole family here. the total collection is over 400,000 objects. You will learn how the Dutch rules world commerce with ...READ MORE
Concertgebouw Free Lunchtime Performance
Oct 01 2020 - Dec 06 2023

Concertgebouw Free Lunchtime Performance – ON HOLD

Het Concertgebouw
Concertgebouw Free Lunchtime Performance - For many years now, free these concerts have been held in the Main Hall and the Recital Hall. They usually take place on Wednesdays, but always check the page as there can be changes. The concerts are very varied in nature, but always of a very high quality. There are no Lunchtime Concerts in the months of July and August. You will need to have a ...READ MORE
Fashion on a Ration
Oct 01 2020 - Nov 30 2020

Fashion on a Ration

Resistance Museum
Fashion on a Ration - the story of how Dutch ladies dressed during the years of German occupation and the tricks and trends that marked those dark days. It showcases all the creative solutions people came up with to compensate for fabric shortages. Women were being sparing and industrious with sack cloth and parachute fabric  People had to be very creative to look fashionable during the occupation. Dark days and shortages led ...READ MORE
Amsterdam Concertgebouw Guided Tours
Oct 01 2020 - Feb 01 2022

Amsterdam Concertgebouw Guided Tours – On Hold

Het Concertgebouw
Amsterdam Concertgebouw Guided Tours. The Concertgebouw is an iconic building in terms of history, architecture and its cultural heritage.  You can take a real behind the scenes visit of The Royal Concertgebouw. During the tour, discover parts of the building that would otherwise remain hidden and hear stories about its rich history. Guided tours in English are held different times and days during the year. On Sunday mornings there is also ...READ MORE
The Royal Palace Amsterdam
Oct 01 2020 - May 18 2023

The Royal Palace Amsterdam

Royal Palace Amsterdam
The Royal Palace Amsterdam is right in the heart of the city. It is the official reception palace for King William-Alexander. Dating from the Dutch Golden Age, it is one of the most prominent buildings in the country. It contains many famous artworks. King Napoleon further increased the building's opulence by adding a very French touch to the interiors. Millions pass in front of The Royal Palace every year, but ...READ MORE
Ketelhuis Expat Wednesdays
Oct 01 2020 - Jul 05 2021

Ketelhuis Expat Wednesdays

Every Wednesday night the Ketelhuis cinema screens the best Dutch and European films with English subtitles. See more arthouse and international films in Amsterdam. This is a great option for a mid-week movie at the Ketelhuis in Westerpark! Every Wednesday, they screen a wide selection of European Cinema with English subtitles. Every Wednesday watch a  movie and even with dinner before or a local brew after in the cafe. For details ...READ MORE
In the Presence of Absence
Oct 01 2020 - Jan 31 2021

In the Presence of Absence

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
In the Presence of Absence is a challenging new exhibition. It consists of a selection of artworks spread across 14 rooms.  They challenge the notion of collective knowledge and the fixed ideas we have about society. Education addresses stories that would otherwise remain untold and creates knowledge gaps. In the Presence of Absence is another thought proving exhibition at this wonder museum in the heart of Amsterdam. For more details and times ...READ MORE
Willem Diepraam Photography Exhibition
Oct 09 2020 - Jan 10 2021

Willem Diepraam Photography Exhibition

Willem Diepraam Photography Exhibition at the Rijksmuseum takes us through to early 2021. Born in 1944, Willem Diepraam has had a huge influence on the progress of photography in The Netherlands.  This 3 month exhibition at the Rijksmuseum allows us revisit his body of work. Now his early and recent work is to be exhibited here for the first time. His work from the 1970s and 80s of The Netherlands is almost ...READ MORE
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