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Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience is a fun, entertaining, educational and impressive experience right in the very heart of Amsterdam. Step back in time to 17th century Amsterdam and look inside Rembrandt’s painting studio. A technical marvel of sound, light and special effects will immerse you in the world of the artist, his family and his work. Sit in a reconstruction of Rembrandt’s studio on the Rozengracht, where he created many of his masterpieces. Learn all about Rembrandt, his mistress Hendrickje, son Titus and daughter Cornelia. This is a spectacular experience that lasts about half an hour. You can do the show in different languages of your choice including Dutch, English, German or French. See the official Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience website for more information.


Rembrandts Amsterdam


The experience is for family members of all ages. Of course, children should be supervised at all times by their parents and guardians.

Wheelchair access is fully possible as on the ground floor with ample room. 

A Covid pass is required for all visitors over the age of 13.

Watch the fabulous Youtube film about the Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience:


Rembrandts Amsterdam


An article about The experience will appear here soon.


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