Psychologists and Therapists

Psychologists and therapists.

Psychologists and therapists are very often a good port of call for help during the expat experience. The expat lifestyle is not always the long, calm river people think it is. Many things can and do go wrong, putting pressure on us humans. In other words, it can be stressful. Burnouts at work, stress, substance abuse, nervous breakdowns, family issues, anxiety, abuse, divorce, etc. These are all very normal human conditions in addition to all the everyday life stresses, and there is help at hand. If you are feeling the strain or are overwhelmed, then simply pick up the phone and make a call. It is the first step in the process of help. We all need this kind of help and guidance at some point in our busy, modern lives. The pressures can build and affect many other parts of our busy lifestyles. It is good to talk to an experienced therapist to find clarity.

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Talking to an English-speaking therapist in Amsterdam can provide perspective and solutions. Here is a list of psychologists and therapists in Amsterdam who can help. A patient ear and a kind voice can make all the difference. They have many years of experience working with expats. They know and understand the reasons so many of us need help and can provide solutions specific to you. Be it a referral from your local GP or direct contact by you, both can work. The essential part is to start communication with these psychologists and therapists in Amsterdam.

Kühler & Partners

Kühler & Partners International Mental Health provides mental health care with a dedicated team of experienced psychiatrists and psychologists. Care starts by listening and understanding each person’s specific situation

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Palmyra Bakker Loss Counselling
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Expat Therapy Tiffany Gordon
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