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Language Schools in Amsterdam

Language schools make learning Dutch not as complicated as it seems.  There are considerable similarities to the English language and the grammar is like the Dutch people – very straightforward! To master Dutch, you must speak it at every opportunity, especially when the Dutch reply to you in English. You just need to keep talking in Dutch! The best way to learn Dutch is with structure and method. This might be in a classroom or with a one-to-one tutor.

Keep working at it because speaking Dutch is the number one way to improve your living experience in The Netherlands. And, of course, it will boost your job prospects as it looks great on any CV. Mainly though, you will feel integrated. Below are some language schools and tutor providers in the Amsterdam area that we recommend. In a year, you’ll be glad you started today.

Other Languages

Many of the language schools below teach more than one or several different languages. From French to Greek and Italian to Farsi. And English, of course, because many people come to Amsterdam to learn English. Learning a new language is excellent for your personal development. A classroom situation is often the best way to learn as you give your full attention to the class and the teacher.

We all lead hectic lives, including travelling again for work, so many of the schools below have kept offering online classes as they are still very popular. So jump in and learn a new language at the language schools below.

Featured Language School

Regina Coeli

Regina Coeli Language School – Immerse yourself! This school for languages teaches the languages of the world under one roof. Their intensive Dutch courses will give you an excellent base to build upon. Further courses will help you master the Dutch language. The centre is famous for its methods of intense learning that will have you jumping forward in your progress and saving valuable time. 

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French school logo
L’école de français
Tailor Made Tours
Tailor Made Dutch Language
Dutch & Such Language School
Dutch & Such Language School
TaalBoost Learn Dutch
TaalBoost Dutch Language School
Small group Dutch Course Amsterdam
Dutch Courses Amsterdam
British Language Training Centre – BLTC
Talencoach Dutch Learning
Talencoach Dutch Learning!