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International Schools in Amsterdam.

One of the most critical choices for expat parents is where to send their children to school.  The Dutch public school system has an excellent reputation.  There is a vast range of international school choices for the expat community in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. 

Many non-Dutch parents prefer to send their children to international secondary schools. Some of the international schools in the Amsterdam area cover the British and international baccalaureate. As Amsterdam has grown over the recent decades, so have the options for parents regarding the number of international schools in the area. Many of the schools you can see below are either new of have gone through significant new building projects in recent years. It is safe to say that parents have some really great options in the Amsterdam area, but places are coveted, and it helps to make your choices early and prepare all the necessary paperwork in advance.

Things to Consider for International Schools Choice

Obviously, one of the most important choices is the geographical position of the school. No one wants to make a long journey to school, especially in the driving rain. That said, many of international schools offer shuttle services to get the children to and from school every day. Many parents will have different reasons to choose the school based on their geographical origins and depending if their children can use their certificates if they return to their country of origin. Another element the parents look at is the quality of the teaching staff. Amsterdam is a desirable destination for the best teachers, so that is less of an issue now.


Featured School

International School Almere

The International School Almere is a dynamic and growing IB World School located in a beautiful building on the edge of the Cascade Park 25 km east of Amsterdam.

We offer a high quality international education. At International School Almere, we inspire the students to reach their full potential. We encourage them to achieve academic excellence. We work on the basis of total mutual respect for students and teachers. The school is following its planned expansion. There are places available at the moment since a new class has been opened in every year.

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Amity International School Amsterdam
Amity International School Amsterdam
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